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Fun Halloween Costumes That Don’t Involve Animal Ears

If we’re being honest, being a cat or bunny is so overrated.  Here are some costumes to help you be the life of the party:

  1. Regina George

     source: reddit.com 

  2. Kylie Jenner (grab a blue wig and some lip liner and you’re good to go!) 
  3. Netflix binge-watcher (all you need are blankets and pajamas – comfiest costume ever.) 
  4. Slutty ghost


  5. Slutty Pumpkin (courtesy of How I Met Your Mother)

    source: hitfix.com 

  6. Audrey Hepburn (a classic!) 
  7. Rosie the Riveter 
  8. Marilyn Monroe 
  9. Janet Snakehole (bonus points if you can find your Burt Macklin…)

     source: bustle.com 

  10. 1920s flapper girl 
  11. Cop 
  12. Flamin’ Hot Cheeto

    source: popsugar.com 

  13. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz 
  14.  Dancing girls emoji  
  15. Comic book character 

    source: comicsalliance.com 

  16. Literally any Disney princess.  There are so many to choose from. 
  17. Ballerina 
  18. Where’s Waldo? 
  19. Left Shark

    source: usmagazine.com 

  20. Troll dolls 

    source: pinterest.com 

  21. Tina Belcher (from Bob’s Burgers)

    source: popsugar.com


  22. Little Red Riding Hood 
  23. Paper doll 

    source: mashable.com 

  24. Princess Leia 
  25. OITNB inmate 
  26. THE DRESS!

    source: buzzfeed.com 

  27. Shower loofah

    source: thelantern.com 

  28. A tourist 
  29. A superhero (including, but not limited to, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, or Elastigirl.)  
  30. An “ex-wife” (thanks, Lindsay Lohan)

    source: buzzfeed.com


Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration to ditch those animal ears and get creative this Halloween! 

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