Five Shows You Should Binge on Netflix this Winter

Now that it gets dark at 6 pm, the urge to go home, get into pajamas and curl up with a cup of hot cocoa for the rest of winter is really hard to resist. As the temperature continues to drop, there’s nothing I’d rather do than open up Netflix and burrow into about 10 fuzzy blankets until Spring decides to roll around and bring the sun along with it. Maybe these aren't reasonable choices now as we enter midterm and final seasons but once we go home for the holidays, you know the Netflix binging shall begin. Or maybe it will start now because everyone needs a little study break, right? 

Get your fuzzy socks on and your popcorn popped because here are five shows on Netflix that you should consider dedicating your time to this Winter. 

Number one and a very obvious choice is The Vampire Diaries. You may not get through all eight seasons found on Netflix but it would be easy to make a solid dent in this series over the winter holidays. Whether you’re team Stefen or team Damon, the drama between these humans, werewolves, witches, and vampires is hard to turn away from. All the characters are brimming with emotion, making a million mistakes, and falling in love with all of the wrong people which makes kicking back and watching it all go down that much more entertaining. Forget Bella from Twilight, give me Elena, Stefen, and Damon. That’s a love triangle I can get behind. As a closing note on The Vampire Diaries, just know that I’ll always be team Damon. Get watching to find out why. 

My second binge-worthy show for this Winter is Gilmore Girls. Talk about wholesome television. With an unbreakable mother/daughter bond filled with sarcasm and constant, back-and-forth banter, what more could you want in television? It’s got all the old vibes you need, winter episodes to make you feel extra cozy, and characters you can relate to, laugh with, cry with, and really just feel all the emotions of life with. Lorelai and Rory certainly don’t have everything worked out but watching them go through life together is just what you need to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Number three on the list is Parks and Rec. With a cast list like Nick Offerman, Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, and so many more, you know there are bound to be plenty of laughs with this watch. It’s really impossible to choose a favorite character, episode or scene because quite frankly, they’re all fantastic. Though the series has a storyline and plot, it’s easy to jump in anywhere and still love all the jokes and moments found in each, individual episode. Or you can start from the beginning and begin forming everlasting bonds with all of the incredible characters. You really can’t go wrong with a good American sitcom and I’d say Park and Rec is one of the best. 

For number four we have The Good Place with Kristen Bell. As another comedy, this one is a great choice. With an engaging storyline and impressive humor, The Good Place is definitely a binge-able show. Bell’s cynicism and sarcasm certainly add to its appeal too. Tearing people down left and right with her harsh humor, you really do wonder how she made it to “the good place” at all. Definitely give this one a watch to find out just how she did it. And with only three seasons of 22-minute episodes, how could you say no?!

My final show suggestion is a bit of a curveball, a lesser-known show, and a Netflix Original at that. It’s called Las Chicas del Cable or Cable Girls. The show takes place in 1920s Spain and is in fact in Spanish, best watched with English subtitles. Rather than a comedy like most of the other shows listed above, Cable Girls is a drama about Spain’s first-ever female telephone operators. The show follows four friends and their struggles with love, relationships, dark pasts, and the law in a time when women were fighting for equal rights. Though more of a commitment, as it most likely requires the use of subtitles, Cable Girls is a great watch that will definitely get you hooked. With four seasons on Netflix and a fifth likely on the way, getting into this show means committing to the suspense it’ll leave you in.

Maybe you’ve seen one or all of these shows but I hope they’ve inspired you to start making that cup of hot cocoa and settling in for a cozy night of good company and quality (or not so quality) television. Whether it’s Nina Dobrev, Amy Poehler, Kristen Bell or any of the other incredible actresses found within these shows, I hope you enjoy watching these female superheroes work their stuff on screen. Now go get cozy!