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Five Fab Tips For The Perfect Jean Jacket

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

What’s up ladies!! we are finally heading back into my favorite time of the year–Autumn! The trees are golden brown, the chi latte’s are hot, and the cozy sweater-weather outfits are slaying everywhere. Finally we can wear our super cute jean jackets without sweating up a storm from the summer heat. (hmm..just me??). But, this is also the time to show of your own fabulous styles, and stand out! Here are 5 tips to make your jean jackets go from boring to bold!



If you are someone that wants to be proficient in all areas of DIY, but don’t have the special sewing or artistic talent skills like me (lol crying), patches are a super spunky way to make your jacket more personal to fit to your own style! There are thousands of patches you can get on Amazon, Etsy and stores like Brandy Melville and Levis sell patches personalized to their own brand. My jean jacket is covered with patches saying things like #SLAYY and ‘Girl Pwr!’ to show off my women empowerment side. Whatever your style is, show it off with this quick and cute way to spice up your style!

Accents (Beads, Lace, Ribbon)

Ladies listen up! If you are a fellow Riverdale fan like me, Veronica Lodge has kind of became your fashion icon right? She’s such a badass (#KWEEN) and her style screams “girly grunge’ and I absolutely am obsessed with it. Accessories like ribbon, beads, or lace could help you create this perfect mesh between the “jean jacket badass” and “cute, spunky girly girl.” Some ideas are; add some beads around the color, put some lace along the sequins, or tie some ribbons in the back.  Everyone around you will be freaking out over the unique creation!


 Have you you ever just wanted to splatter paint around just because it looks fun? (ummm, still just me?) Anyway, I can now live out this dream because I’m going to splatter paint my plain jean jacket, and turn it into a colorful fantastical clothing piece. (Yes..I did just use  a world between fantastic and magical). A painted jacket with a special design, or splatter painted creation is also a way to create a unique article of clothing that can be added on to any outfit! Because of all the colors, this jacket could brighten up an everyday work or school outfit, and in the words of Sharpay Evans-you will look Fabulous.


Do you have a favorite  quote? A favorite word ? Well, put in on your jacket! Show it off the world! You could ad a word with patches or paint, and even beads or string! My friend has a jean jacket with the word “SLAY” on the back in red letters, and she gets to many compliments. It definitely is a statement jacket-but we all need a statement piece of clothing in our wardrobe right? Bring on the confidence and add some words!


Yee-haw lovelies! ! Fringe is so much fun, and mixes a the stylish city girl vibe’ with a ‘western rodeo queen’ look that is absolutely amazing. With a hot glue gun and some string, you can create with look that is for sure gonna get the “oh my gosh she looks so cute’ double takes.  Similar to adding words, the fringe look makes a statement. But, why not! Go through life feeling and looking your best! And when you are listening to your favorite country song, put on the jacket and dance around your room.

Have fun and rock your look!


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