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Fall Fashion: What To Have In Your Closet

Summer is slowly dwindling to an end, and it’s time to start back-to-school shopping! Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish which trends are ending with the summer season, and which will be a hit this fall term, so check out which top five pieces will help you look your best!

Ditch the fitted blazer look and shop for long blazers this fall season! It’s a menswear-inspired look that pairs great with a simple tank top and denim pants, or even with a summer dress you don’t want to part with – just throw on some tights!

We’ve all seen those celebs rocking the boyfriend-fit jeans, and this fall you can too because they are still very much in and trendy! They’re cute in an effortless way, not to mention the fact that they are super comfortable! Make sure to wear them with fitted, layered tops for a chic look!

Another pair of jeans that are making a come back are high-waisted jeans! They flatter your waist because they are form-fitting at the smallest part, and since they are high, they don’t squish your sides, meaning no muffin top! Pair these jeans with a shirt that’s a little bit more loose, but tucked in!

What could be more versatile than patent flats? They look good for a casual look, and can be worn later to look professional during that after school internship! With so many different colors to choose from, they can easily spice up an outfit! Hint: wear them with the boyfriend jeans for a cute, casual and effortless look!

Rounding up the top five is a messenger bag. They look a lot more professional than backpacks when trying to rush from class to an important meeting or interview! Messenger bags are designed for easy access to any school essentials you may need since it’s located right at your hip rather than your back. The sleek variety of styles they come in go great with every outfit!

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