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Eugene’s Latest Sizzling Slice

Downtown Eugene is becoming home to more and more Portland favorites, and this past summer it added a new one to the list. With it’s two other locations in Portland, Sizzle Pie dropped into Eugene’s pizza scene with a splash. Not looking for the family fun of Track Town? Or, you want more than the casual atmosphere of Sy’s? Maybe you are looking for a better beer selection than the one you’re finding at Pegasus Pizza? Sizzle Pie will be your new go-to.

What: Sizzle Pie

Where: 910 Willamette St

With over a 35 + beer selection, wine, and a selection of specialty cocktails like ‘The Def Leppard’, this unconventional pizza place has a full bar. To compel you even more, they have a Happy Hour from 4pm-6pm Monday through Friday, and Late Night from 10pm to 12am every day. But, even if you’re under 21 and still looking for something to accompany your delicious pie, you could replace your typical soda or water with one of their Mexi-Cokes or a Cock n’ Bull ginger beer. 


Need I say, this pizza place, with its eye-catching, sign has it all. Vegetarian? No problem. Gluten-free? No problem. Vegan? No problem here. With a wide variety of “omnivore”(as they say), vegetarian, and vegan pies, and a gluten-free option, Sizzle Pie makes sure that everyone can get a slice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my own brother complain about not being able to enjoy a pizza because of his gluten allergy, or one of my best friends say that she wants to go out for pizza but her vegan lifestyle kept her from doing so. Well, fear no more. At Sizzle Pie, having a more alternative diet is not an issue. You can have your pizza and eat it too. 


As far as my dining experience went, it was more than pleasant. I left full and happy. Having gone with a friend, we decided to split a pizza and salad. The salad was a vegan spin on a classic Caesar, and it was still every bit delicious. Then, for our pie we chose the ‘Volume 11’, which was topped with spinach, roasted garlic, kalamata olives and feta. Let it just be known that we got a large, and if it hadn’t been for the fullness of our stomachs, we could have finished the whole pizza. Having been told it would take 25 minutes to make and cook the pizza, they brought our salad out first, and it didn’t feel like we were waiting long at all. Keep in mind that they do sell a variety of their pizzas by the slice, and sell for either $3.25/3.50. 


Did I not mention they deliver? Open till 3am during the week, and 4am on Friday and Saturday, you can come in late for a slice, or have it delivered. Oh, and they do brunch! So if you love steak and eggs, and want it on your pizza, stop in and try their Eugene Only ‘Denim and Leather’ pie. Or, try their vegan spin on Eggs Benedict on their ‘Drugs Benedict’ pie! Like I said, they really do have it all.

For Sizzle Pie Merchandise visit: http://www.pizzapartyhq.com/

For Sizzle Pie Art visit: http://www.sizzlepie.com/art/



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