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Escape Rooms Allow You To Channel Your Inner Nancy Drew

I’m not sure if anyone else saw and geeked out about the new list of Netflix movies and shows for April, but I did big time. Did anyone notice how Nancy Drew came to Netflix this month? Yes, that’s right. Emma Roberts playing the funny, intelligent and J. Crew fashion icon we all know and love is readily available for us to binge watch.

Aside from the fact that I will be watching this movie on repeat, I decided to get more in touch with my inner Nancy. No, I’m not talking about playing the immersive computer games (with amazing graphics I might add) even though those were so fun and stressful. I’m talking about a real-world detective experience we have all secretly craved after watching endless criminal shows and movies.

Well now you can, and you can channel your inner Nancy Drew with your friends, too! I recently discovered the “Escape Room” experience and it was a literal hour of sleuthing fun. The Escape Rooms are held in most major cities across the country so no need to feel left out of the mysterious fun. 

The Escape Room experience starts online where you can reserve a spot for up to ten people to figure out the mystery and escape out of the room in less than an hour. Don’t worry, you can still go to the bathroom or press the emergency out button if anything gets too intense. With a group of friends and the help of the staff working at the facility, you’ll have the chance to solve a fun mystery.

There are usually a few different mystery themes you can choose from. For example, I was able to choose between an Ancient Egypt theme, mystery game show theme or a U.S. military theme mystery. No matter what theme you pick it will be fun. If you and your group get stuck during the hour time slot, the staff will be able to give you hints to help you along the way. The Escape Rooms are generally inexpensive, as it compares to the same price as a movie plus some candy.

It was such a fun experience and I can’t wait to try another Escape Room! Go look for an Escape Room near you!

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