Entering Your Twenties

I’ve grown up with the ideas that, in my 20’s, huge life events will occur; graduating college, starting a career I am passionate about, having my own house, marriage, kids, etc. 

These ideas are things that would make me happy, but expecting that they are going to happen within this decade is undoubtedly scary. The frightening thoughts of true and complete adulthood have slowly crept up on me without realizing that I really am twenty (that's like super old).

Now that I’m in this decade, I don’t want those expectations to change how I want to be living! I don’t want any of the expectations to let me down. For that, I am changing all my expectations to goals; right here, right now. 

My goal for my 20’s is to go with the flow, live for each day and seize every opportunity for happiness.

Whether opportunities for happiness come in the form of spending extra time with the people I love, or letting myself jump into a new role; those moments are what will make my 20's awesome.

I hope you join me as you enter your 20’s in living for what fulfills you!