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Do’s and Don’ts: Finals Edition

With finals season quickly approaching and only a few weeks left before spring break, it can be difficult to stay motivated for the last stretch of the term. During this time, it’s far to easy to slip into procrastination mode, suffer from general student burnout and not take proper care of your mind and body. Not to mention the additional stress and pressure you may feel from upcoming intense finals. I’ve gathered a few tips and reminders to making the best of dead week and your dreaded finals.

DON’T forget to sleep

Remember that not getting enough sleep, consecutive nights in a row, may impair your abilities to perform well on tests and assignments. Now obviously, it’s pretty much impossible avoid some pretty late nights if not, all-nighters, during finals week. Depending on your schedule, it may be inevitable. However, I’ve made the mistake of not sleeping much during dead week, and then paying for it during finals week. Some nights it’s better to just turn off the light early and get enough rest for the next day. Performing your best during finals week requires plenty of sleep and rest. Figure out a plan during the day that’ll help you finish homework or assignments before midnight.

DO take a break

Taking moments to give your mind and body a break from the craze that is finals week is underrated. It’s common to experience student burn out in the last few weeks of the term and a key way to avoid this is to take frequent breaks. If you have a block of free time, get outside! Go on a hike with friends or try going on a run by the river. Spending time in nature can greatly reduce stress which in turn can help you to accomplish your school assignments more efficiently. Most importantly, you should never be too busy to take care of yourself!

DON’T give up

By the week nine, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably ready for this term to end. I’ve found that I often do my worst work in the last stretch of the term, and my class attendance greatly decreases. It’s easy to give up a little at the end of a term. But you’ve come this far, and so it’s important to keeping putting your best effort into your classes. No point in falling behind now!

DO relax

There’s a common misconception that finals week is always and only stressful, and it certainly has its moments, but panicking and stress won’t improve your grades. If you tend to panic right before a final takes place, try to clear your mind by taking deep breaths, drinking lots of water and even journaling your thoughts. Before going into the mindset of final, do something that’s relaxing to you. Whether that’s yoga, meditation, journaling, calling a friend or unplugging try to find something that will keep you calm and relaxed before and during finals week.