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DIY Gifts Of Thanks

“It is not happy people whon are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.”

As the holiday season approaches, it is easy to get lost in the madness of presents, turkeys, lights and trees.  That’s why it is so important to take the time this holiday season to sit down and think of all that you are thankful for.  The best way to show gratitude for those that you are thankful for is to personally make them a “thankful” gift.  Here are a few DIY gift ideas.

1) Make a card.  There is something truly timeless and personal about receiving a handwritten thank you letter.  Take the ten minutes out of your life to write a poem, candy gram or simple “thinking of you” letter and send it to those who deserve it.  Include pictures, stickers or anything that makes it feel personal and homemade. 

2) Cookies!  Nothing says thank you more than a plate of fresh baked, homemade cookies.  Theme them according to season or stick with the original Tollhouse recipe, but your delicious thank you will forever be appreciated.  

3) Flowers.  Because who doesn’t enjoy a gift of endearment that looks vibrantly beautiful and smells wonderful too?  Fresh cut or store bought, your petals are sure to bring a smile to those you care about.  

4) A cup of coffee.  Next time you’re standing in line at Starbucks or your favorite coffee house with those that you are thankful for, treat them to their favorite beverage and let them know why as you enjoy it together.

5) Leave a note in a random place.  If you have ever opened up a text book, felt under your pillow or looked on the windshield of your car and found a sticky note of endearment, you know how far a simple heart felt message can go. 

6) Gift baskets are a timeless way of saying thank you.  Order one online if you lack time or creativity and have it sent directly to their home or office.  If you are more of an artistic individual, then collaborate a few of their favorite scents, treats or songs and send it their way with lots of love.

7) Knit a cozy keepsake.  Not everyone has the patience or skill to knit or crochet an item of clothing, but if you do, put your skills to work the most over the holidays!  It is not only a necessary gift considering the seasonal temperature changes, but it is an item that can be kept forever. Every time that hat, scarf, mittens, socks or sweater is put on, it will be your generosity they will be thinking of.

8) Candles and soaps.  The scent of thankfulness is one of the sweetest, and these items are personal and delicate, just like the heart.  Light up someone’s day by gifting them a yummy smelling candle or a fresh new bath soap.

9) Beverages. Plain and simple, buy them a drink.  If they enjoy drinking, then next time your at a bar or a liquor store, pick up a little somethin’ somethin’ for them to say thank you.

10) Pick up the phone.  Last but definitely not the least, is to pick up the phone (and I don’t mean to text!). CALL the person you are thankful for and let them know just that.  Leave them with a cheerful voicemail or make it a quick snapchat message; your thoughtfulness will make their day a better one.

Sophomore journalism student at the University Of Oregon.
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