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Divisi’s Tierney Hossle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Name: Tierney Hossle

Year: Sophomore

Major: Sociology

Favorite music artist(s): John Mayer, Muse, Death Cab, Childish Gambino, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Offspring, Lupe Fiasco, Missy Higgins, Sara Bareilles, Atmosphere, Amy Winehouse.. I’ll pretty much listen to anything.

Can you give a short background on Divisi?
Divisi was started in 2001 by eight University of Oregon women and a male beat boxer called “Eight Ladies & a Beau Tie,” then they lost the guy and became an all-female group and changed the name to Divisi.

What is like to be a part of Divisi?
Divisi is a crazy experience that is challenging, but so worth it. It takes up a lot of time but also makes us the group that we are. The best part about it is getting to make great music with the amazing people that have become my best friends.

Does the group go on tours and/or compete?
We didn’t compete this year but we go to Berkeley, CA every year with On The Rocks for a showcase. We also take other trips around the West coast and groups have done tours in the past. In the past,
Divisi has competed in the International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella and decides each year if they want to compete or not.

When/where are concerts/shows held?
We have concerts throughout the year in Eugene. We also sing at other group’s concerts or festivals and have other gigs that we are hired for. We sing every Friday at 4 pm in the EMU with On The Rocks and Mind The Gap (be sure to check them out!!!).

How did you get involved with Divisi? How could others get involved?
I started out as a voice major so I heard about Divisi through the grapevine and then went to see
them perform and decided to audition last spring. We hold auditions in the Fall and Spring.

What do you enjoy most about Divisi?
The people I sing with and the people I meet by being in the A Cappella community – and of course the music.

How long have you been singing?
I’ve been singing since 6th grade.

What do you love most about singing?
I love singing for me but I also love doing it for other people, bringing music into people’s lives who appreciate it is a great experience.

Do you plan to continue singing post-college?
Yes. I’m so used to having music in my life I couldn’t imagine not having it, even when I am really busy.

Check out Divisi at: http://www.uodivisi.com/

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