The Devastating California Fires

According to residents of California, it now seems as if fire season is year round and that somehow every fire seems to top the last.

It is sad to believe, but a lot of fires are man-made. Humans have become reckless and negligent with starting fires. Most times it is accidental, whether it be from camp fires, fireworks, cigarette butts or even power lines collapsing. California has become so populated and has such a high housing crisis that communities inevitably expand into fire zones, like the forest. Houses are popping up in wildlife areas and places with a ton of brush. This makes it harder to control these fires.

Unfortunately, humans are not the only problem. Climate change has taken an enormous toll on California’s atmosphere and weather. Typically, the weather can be described as hot, dry, and windy. As the atmosphere warms up, it tends to hold more moisture, and the land becomes drier making the vegetation becomes dehydrated. California is also notorious for their droughts. The lack of rainfall and water contributes to the drying of land.

It is important to understand the impact humans have on natural disasters. These fires are devastating. They displace thousands of people, harm animals, ruin air quality and destroy towns and communities.

GoFundMe links are attached for donations to help the people affected by The Woolsey fires in Malibu, CA.