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Coping With the True End of Gilmore Girls

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

*warning: spoilers of the Netflix Special: A Year in the Life ahead*

My apologies come in advance because I am flipping the switch and going full on “fan-girl rant” mode. So, bear with me and let’s enjoy this fun ride all the way back to Stars Hollow together.

To start, and although you cannot actually hear me, if we were watching the ending credits of A Year in the Life together then I’d be screaming “ugh” so loud that the person in the dorm next to you could hear it. Not because of the ending, although I’ll get to that later, but because it’s actually over. Really and truly over. Despite a nine-year hiatus and the hope for a season 2; Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted to finish the series her way; and oh boy, did she. Sherman-Palladino and her husband wrote the show together, but after contract disputes she and her partner decided to leave the network and did not continue writing for season 7 of the originally aired show. So, if you’re a true fan and season 7 is your least favorite, then it makes sense. (and welcome to the anti-season 7 club) In fact, the two writers admitted in multiple interviews that they never actually watched season 7. (WHAT? How are you theoretically supposed to continue the show if you never watched the end?)

That brings me to my causes of hesitation as I watched the revival. To start, I watched the first episode over Thanksgiving break with my dad. (whose commentary was very adamant on explaining the plot holes, thanks, dad) Sadly, I did not binge-watch the series in one day with endless take-out and pop tarts; mostly because I’m balling on a college budget, but also because the thought of mixing a sugar pastry with Pad Thai gives me the feeling of inevitable heartburn.

I guess my pessimism over the course of four episodes comes from the many questions I was left with. One, why does Rory have a boyfriend who she just ignores completely and “forgets” to break-up with? Why does she sleep with Logan, who’s engaged, when she knows the backlash it causes? (I mean, she lost her v-card to a married Dean in season 4) How does Rory have the money to fly from London to Stars Hollow when she is clearly in between journalist jobs? Is Rory even a good journalist? This question seems mean, but her whole life she wanted to be the next great political journalist, yet at the start of the Netflix special she has trouble landing a real job. Okay, and where is Sookie? (Damn Melissa McCarthy’s wide popularity and busy filming schedule) Also, is it necessary for Lorelai to replicate the book Wild when the entire world knows she’s not an outdoorsy person? Finally, what kind of sick joke is ending the show on a cliffhanger? Yup, you read that right.

The final four words of the series explain that Rory is pregnant. In this case, we’re assuming the father is Logan. (lol, sorry Paul) But why on earth does Amy Sherman-Palladino end it there? I have the answer! (or one of the many speculated answers from a heated fan) This is the original ending that Amy wanted; we just have to remember at this point Rory was supposed to be 23 and not 32. You can’t have an ending that pleases everyone, unfortunately. There are large symbolisms of Rory’s early thirties love-triangle mirroring Lorelai’s early-thirties love-triangle. In this case, Logan is the new Christopher and Jess is the new Luke. Does this mean that Rory ends up raising her baby with Jess? Does she truly love him? Is she over Logan? Is the baby his? Some people would probably want these answers in a new season of A Year in the Life, but here’s what’s really going to happen; nothing. You, as the die-hard fan, get to make your own ending. You see, if Rory ended up with Jess then the Logan lovers would riot. If Rory ended up with Logan, the Jess junkies would protest. So whether you’re on team Logan, team Jess, or a Dean type of cornstarch thief, this cliffhanger is for you. It’s for you to decide what happens next. There obviously isn’t a specific future in mind for the Gilmore girls. That’s the beauty of why the creators let you choose. So, if you’re happy with the ending then congratulations. If you’re upset, then you can pretend like this never happened in the first place. Despite the pros and cons of the revival, it was a fun little vacation back in Stars Hollow with some familiar faces, and everyone can agree on that.

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