Can't Be With Your Mom This Mother's Day? Here's How To Make Her Feel Special

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, being able to see our moms during this time of quarantine may not be possible. However, making our mom’s feel special can be more than a text, a pre-scripted card or a non-personalized gift basket. This Sunday, no matter where you are, make sure to give some extra love during this time and let her know you are thankful for her. Here are some creative alternatives you can do that will really resonate with your mom to make it feel like you are truly there


Zoom or FaceTime 

    As much as your mom loves hearing your voice, she loves seeing your face even more. Zooming or FaceTiming is the closest thing to truly touching those you are talking to. To make this even more special, try doing a zoom brunch or dinner, where it can feel like you are all around the dining table like old times. There is nothing better than having someone take time out of their day to celebrate those who truly deserve it. 

Sending flowers with a handwritten card 

    Sending flowers may seem rudimentary, however adding a personal style can add all the difference. If you send flowers, try to figure out what flowers are her favorite or anything that sparks a certain memory. Also, adding a handwritten card is a way to express your love to your mom in your own words, something that she will truly cherish. 

Creating a video or photo slideshow 

    Remind your mom of all your great memories together with compiled videos or a photo slideshow of your times together. This is a memento that will last forever and a way to walk down memory lane. If you aren’t sure where to start, iMovie and Vimeo are great for making videos and photo slideshows are great on platforms like GoogleSlides or PowerPoint. 

Watch a movie on Netflix Party 

    With Netflix’s new launch of ‘Netflix Party,’ this is a great way to watch some movies with friends and family online. So this Mother’s Day, you and your mom can watch your favorite movie together to make it feel like you are both on the couch together. On Netflix Party, you can synchronize video playback and group chats to talk about your favorite Netflix shows and movies. 

Make them a homemade gift 

    We all know what makes our moms tick: music, art, cooking, reading, being outside, drinking wine, etc. So why not make something that complements her favorite hobby? Make her a playlist of her favorite songs. If you are artsy, paint or draw a picture of a remembrance that you both have. If you are crafty, sew her an apron with her initials on it. Create a bookmark for her next read. Find a planting pot and decorate it. Style up a wine opener or wine glass. Whereas some of these are things you can buy, try adding a personalized message to show your mom just how much you care about her. 


Showing your mom you love her doesn’t have to be difficult, even in times of distance. Think out of the box and try not to go with the crowd when it comes to gifts. Our moms are special because of the way they are, and they should be celebrated about their uniqueness. So hone in to their best qualities and make it resonate more than a  generic, prep-packed Mother’s Day gift.