Campus Snapshot: Victoria Lawton-Diez

Name: Victoria Lawton-Diez

Hometown: Ashland, Oregon

Major: Romance Languages

Year: Freshman

Where do you normally shop for your clothes?


Since I’m a poor college student and don’t have money, all of the thrift stores ever. Some really great ones are St. Vincent de Paul, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Value Village. Also, Ross is rad.


How would you describe your style?


It’s a combination of hippie mom gone punk, comfy cute, adventure chic, and “I just got out of bed so I’m grabbing the first clothes I see”. It changes daily, I never have a theme to what I wear so I just go with the flow. Patterns are key in my style. My only rule is this: I don’t wear anything that is the slightest bit uncomfortable. I move a lot! Yoga, rock climbing and slacklining are things I do in my free time or in between class.

Who are some of your style icons or what inspires your style?

I really enjoy international-looking clothing and nature, so I incorporate earthy as well as vibrant colors into my style. If I buy clothes online, I’ll buy eco-friendly clothing or clothes that support a charity/organization that I like.


What are some staple pieces to your wardrobe?

My J-41 shoes and my dansko’s, my tie-dye leggings ( I have 5 pairs ) and my sunflower leggings. Not to mention my super puffy purple jacket that my mom let me “borrow” (it’s mine now).