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Campus Cutie Twins: Stewart and Elliott Sherpa

Two cuties are always better than one. Meet this week’s dreamy duo from Bend, Oregon, Stewart and Elliott Sherpa!
Stewart: Business major, focus in entrepreneurship. Minor in economics. 
Elliott: Business major, focus in international business. Minor in economics. 
HCO: Favorite place to eat on campus?
Stewart: Beppe & Gianni’s.
Elliott: Late night Uly’s!
HCO: Greatest super hero?
Stewart: Captain Underpants.
Elliott: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  
HCO: What do you never leave your house without?
Stewart: An open mind.
Elliott: My phone… 
HCO: Greatest college memory so far?
Stewart: Wow, very hard question. Probably Shasta with SAE. 
Elliott: Sunriver Retreat! 
HCO: Something you want to do before you graduate?
Stewart: Before I graduate, I want to leave a positive mark on the University of Oregon. I would also like to pursue some business projects that I could possibly have a career in. 
Elliott: Coach a local 5th grade basketball team.
HCO: Jessica Alba or Jessica Beil?
Stewart: I would have to say Jessica Alba. She should of won an Oscar for Into the Blue.
Elliott: Emma Stone.
HCO: Most used word in your daily vocabulary?
Stewart: Probably “epic.” Sounds douchey, but for some reason it’s my go-to.
Elliott: “Please,” usually in the context, “Can I PLEASE have an extension on this paper?” 
HCO: Have you ever tried the Parent Trap stunt?
Stewart: Yeah, probably a little too much. We definitely take advantage of being twins and have taken a few different types of tests for each other.
Elliott: Nothing gets past our parents though. 
HCO: So who came out the womb first?
Stewart: Elliott was born first and then I was born an hour later. My mom likes to tell people it was the longest hour of her life. I think she holds it against me.
Elliott: She definitely resents him for it. 
HCO: Who do you look up to the most?
Stewart: I would say my mom. Shes an extremely strong individual as well as very kind. Not to mention quite the world traveler. I hope to one day travel to as many countries as she has.
Elliott: My father. He’s the hardest working person I know and would do anything for the people close to him. He’s composed and compassionate. 
HCO: Weirdest twin moment?
Elliott: There has been a lot, but one that comes to mind is when we got pulled over together. I didn’t have my license so Stewart had to sneak me his. 
Stewart: There was no ticket, but the cop joked about us being twins and how we could use one license; however, it would be very illegal. We then all shared an awkward laugh.
The twins pose with some lucky ladies, including writer Siena Palmacci.
Sophomore journalism student at the University Of Oregon.
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