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Campus Cutie: Spencer McGuinn

Don’t worry, that’s his sister ;)

Name: Spencer McGuinn

Year in School: I am currently a sophomore here at the UO

HCO: Major and why you chose it:
I am still in the process of picking my major. It will most likely end up being history or psychology. Why? I love history because you are able to formulate opinions based on the information provided which is something I truly enjoy. Psychology mostly because I love attempting to understand people and why they do what they do, in other words what makes people tick.

Relationship Status:
I am single and about as single as it gets. 100% on the look out for a girlfriend but in no way will I force a relationship, has to work naturally.

HCO: What would your ideal date be like?

First, it starts with the ideal woman who is on the date with me. That being said when I hear the term ‘date’ I always think dinner at a nice restaurant one that you kind of need to dress up for. For myself personally I measure my dates by who I am taking out, rather then what we are doing, every girl is different so in my mind the ideal date changes along with the circumstances.

HCO: What are some of your hobbies?
Crossfit and following major sports are my major hobbies right now (Mostly baseball and football). Crossfit takes up most of time between working out and helping TA the Crossfit 2 class here at school. While talking about Crossfit I am in the process of attempting to make Crossfit a competitive club sport here at the UO. Still very much so in the early stages but is something I hope to be working on for the rest of this year and the rest of my time here at the UO.

HCO: Do you prefer dogs or cats?
This in not even a question, DOGS! I am not a fan of cats at all. I will never own a cat mostly because I am allergic, but they are just not for me.

HCO: The most interesting thing that’s happened to you this week:
I would have to go with me walking in to Track Town Crossfit to hit a workout and talk to the owners about my idea for the Crossfit club. It was interesting to me cause I got to see a gym I haven’t been in before and network a little bit for myself now and in the future.

HCO: Favorite guilty pleasure:
This may sound weird but I really like dressing up—and by dressing up we’re talking suit and tie, not me gallivanting around in a Peter Pan costume. I spend a lot of time in workout clothes, which isn’t a problem, but at the same time I like looking my best. So when I have the opportunity to go all out and look like a million bucks, I do.

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