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Campus Cutie: Jordan Hathorne

Meet Jordan Hathorne, recent transfer from Portland State University and Public Relations major. His passion is sports and technology, but he also loves cooking, guitar, and hanging with friends. Check him out on campus!

Age: 22

Major: Public Relations

Hometown: Lake Oswego, OR

HCO: Describe yourself in five words.

Jordan: Outgoing. Positive. Fun. Friendly. Humerous.

HCO: What are your hobbies?

Jordan: I like to watch soccer, work on computers, play soccer, play guitar, listen to music, and hang out with my friends.

HCO: What’s your perfect date?

Jordan: I’d have to say going to a pub for a dinner, then a Timbers game, then a concert after that. That would be awesome.

HCO: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

Jordan: My real answer would be a monkey so I could throw feces and not get in trouble… (laughs) just kidding! It would be cool to be a monkey because they’re fun, intelligent, and they use tools—that’s big. They don’t really get in fights, they’re just in general pretty chill animals.

HCO: What’s your dream career?

Jordan: That’s hard. I would say… there’s so many! I think it would be something tech related, working for Microsoft, Intel, Google, but that also works with people so I get to deal with people and also work with technology. Other than that, maybe working for the Timbers as a communications director. It would be great to be a part of that culture and just work for something I truly truly enjoy.

HCO: Name three things you want to do before you die.

Jordan: I want to travel the world, as cliché as that sounds. I want to see the Timbers or Blazers win a championship (laughs). And, I want my brother Zack and I to be on the Amazing Race. That’d be so sick. That’s like a dream.

HCO: Describe an embarrassing moment for you.

Jordan: Well this one time last term, I was starving so I stopped to get a bagel with cream cheese before class. It was this garlic cream cheese, super good. I walk into class and I just dropped it right in front of me. I was so hungry, I didn’t think anyone was watching so I just picked it up and kept eating. Like half the class was watching me just disgusted. So awkward.. I was so hungry though!

HCO: What’s your favorite food?

Jordan: Definitely clam chowder. I love clam chowder, especially in a bread bowl with Tabasco sauce. Or fish and chips. But no, if someone asked me if there was only one food I could eat for the rest of my life, it would be clam chowder. One time I ate it like seven days in a row. And the sick thing about it was only like a day after that I ended up getting clam chowder again somewhere else. It’s a magical thing.

HCO: Favorite Disney movie?

Jordan: I love Ratatouille. I really like cooking so the kitchen atmosphere was really visually pleasing and he was a pretty cool rat.

HCO: What do you love about University of Oregon?

Jordan: I really like U of O, but probably the people. So far, since transferring here from PSU, I’ve met a lot of really cool and smart people. It’s cool to meet so many people intelligent in different areas like psychology and business and others, and seeing them in their element doing what they want to do. It’s a really inspiring place to be. 

Heather is a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in advertising. An aspiring copywriter, her dream job would be screenwriting for TV, but for the meantime she works as an office assistant, ad director for Envision magazine, freelance graphic designer, and her favorite, campus correspondent at Her Campus Oregon. She hails from Lake Oswego, Oregon, and loves the quirky side of Oregon: its unique people, unpredictable weather, and amazing music scene. She's a cat lover, avid black coffee drinker, and TV and movie addict.
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