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Name: Tyler HalversonYear: SeniorMajor: EconomicsHometown: Anchorage, AK

Meet Tyler Halverson, a senior here at the University of Oregon and one of our allstar hockey players.  Not only is this econ major great with numbers, but he can defend a puck from getting into the net on a regular basis.  We can assume his expert ice skills came from living in the cold Alaskan air, but one thing we know for sure is how happy our hockey team is that this duck migrated his way to Eugene!

How did you first get into playing hockey?:My dad used to play hockey and we would watch games all of the time. Eventually he taught me how to skate, and then by the time I was 4 I was in a league.

What position do you play?:Defense

What has your experience been like playing with the Oregon Hockey team?:

Nothing short of fantastic. The hockey team is comprised of a great group of guys, and it’s truly a good time going to the ice rink every week. Sometimes there is a bitter-sweet feeling to it; a lot of sacrifices have to be made, and sometimes it’s hard to deal with the FOMO especially with being in a college town, but in the end it is worth it for me.

Do you have one specific memory from hockey that you will never forget?The games against UW last season were definitely a highlight for me. We were in the last game of a four game series that we call the I-5 Cup. We ended up winning the game in overtime, and the feeling of winning that game, in such an epic fashion, while playing at home, was unreal.

When is the Ducks next game?Unfortunately, this seasons games are over. The next games to be played won’t be until October.

How was the season this year?It was a good year. We had some big wins and some tough losses, just as every season goes. At the end of the season we finished 3rd in our league championships.

What are your thoughts on the US Olympic hockey team thus far?It’s been a lot of fun to watch. The game against Russia might have been one of the best games I have ever seen. That shootout was unreal and T.J. Oshie is a boss!

Besides hockey, what else do you like to do in your free time?Merk zeers with the clams. Translation: I like to have a good time with my friends. A lot of times when I’m not playing hockey, I’m watching hockey. I’m kind of a fanatic. Other than that I like to go play golf, travel, read books, and most importantly, drink beer.

What made you chose to come to University of Oregon?I have a friend from home whose older sister went to school here. She told me to come check it out, and said that I would like it. Needless to say, I did. I thought Oregon had a great balance of academics and extra-curriculars, so the choice was clear.

What are your plans for the future?In the more immediate future I’m going to enjoy having some free-time on my hands. Over the summer I will potentially be working in London and traveling Europe. Then after that it’s time for me to hunker down, have a couple of typical dilemmas, and hopefully in the end locate a job.

Do you think you will continue to play?Absolutely. Hockey is a lifelong activity for me; I’ll play in adult leagues and coach youth programs until my legs don’t function anymore.

What are you most looking forward to this year?I don’t know how this is happening, but I’m graduating. So I’ll go ahead and say getting my degree and breaking away from being a broke college student is what I’m looking forward to the most.

What is something weird about yourself?Better question: What’s not weird about myself?

Who is your idol?Does Frank Underwood from House of Cards count? There are many different influences in my life, but I can’t consider any one individual a particular idol of mine. As a kid I would have said Wayne Gretzky, just as any other aspiring hockey player would have chose.

What’s the number one thing you want to cross off your bucket list?Its not on my bucket list, but if somehow I was able to see Emma Watson and talked to her while in London, I’d be able to die a happy man.

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