Campus Celeb: Riley Burns

Name: Riley Burns

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-journalism

Hometown: Long Beach, CA

HCO: How did you initially get into equestrian?

R: I initially became interested in riding horses through my mom. My mom owned a horse when I was a little girl who we still own today. I first started riding when I was about eight years old and continued to progress on my horse, Mojo.

HCO: What’s your earliest memory of riding?

R: My earliest memory of riding is the first day I rode a bay pony named Roxy. I took my first lesson on Roxy and eventually went to my first show on her as well when I was about eight years old. She was the cutest and fluffiest little pony. I still see and visit her to this day. 

HCO: What inspired you to pursue equestrian at a collegiate level?

R: I was inspired to pursue the equestrian team in college because of my mother. My mom and I have always been able to share an interest in horseback riding and because it is also something that she shares interest in, it is very exciting and encouraging to have her support. I always knew I wanted to continue riding in college and I feel so grateful to have the support of both of my parents in my choice to participate on the team.

HCO: What can your friends find you doing when you’re not riding?

R: My friends can find me balancing all the other activities in my life when I’m not riding. I’m very involved in my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and I love to spend time with my sorority sisters. I have recently started the TV show Friends on Netflix and have allowed that to consume much of my free time. I also spend a sufficient amount of time keeping my room organized and exercising at the new rec center.  

HCO: What do you hope to accomplish with your equestrian background?

R: I hope to succeed in IHSA (Intercollegiate Horse Show Association) in the remainder of my time on the team and to hopefully go to nationals. I would also love to hold an executive position on the team. 

Photos submitted by Riley