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Campus Celeb: Jodi Newton

Name: Jodi Newton

Year in school: Junior

Major: Economics

Hometown: Kalispell, MT

Dancing since she was tiny, this campus celeb can be found in the studio day and night both taking and teaching dance classes. Meet Jodi!

HCO: When did you begin dancing?

I was three. My parents put me in dance classes because they said I was dancing before I was walking. I started out with ballet and tap. And I was always the line leader! (Because I knew what I was doing.)

HCO: What dance are you involved with now?

I dance on a hip-hop company called Kings Krew and I also teach a tap class. With Kings Krew we perform as a professional company around the Willamette Valley.

HCO: What’s you favorite style of dance?

Contemporary or hip-hop. I feel like with those two styles I get to really express two different sides of myself.

HCO: Where do you hope to go with dance?

I hope that it’s always a part of my life – whether it’s a career or fun. I honestly couldn’t live without it. I have the need to dance, I crave it!

HCO: What is your spirit animal?

A bobkitten. So cute!

University of Oregon student taking everything as inspiration.
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