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Campus Celeb: Avery Sills

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Year: Senior

Major: General Sciences

Sport: Golf 
Born and raised in Portland, Ore., this goofy blonde bombshell was this close to signing with Ohio State; but after a visit to the U of O, she realized that nothing would compete with the beautiful campus and athletic program offered at Oregon. She kills it on the fairway, and is equally as successful in the classroom. Meet your newest HCO campus celebrity: Avery Sills.
HCO: How long have you been golfing?
My first time golfing was when I was 12. It definitely took a little convincing from my dad, but as soon as I drove my first green, I was undeniably hooked!
HCO: What are you most proud of this year individually, and team-wise?
Individually, it was pulling through for my team in my last round at regionals, which was crucial for the entire team making it to nationals. Team-wise…I mean, we’re going to NATIONALS in Georgia! That’s pretty self-explanitory.
HCO: Do you have any superstitions or rituals that you must complete before playing a round?
I have to have five tees and three wooden ball markers in my right pocket. I also always use a green sharpie to mark my ball and a red sharpie to use on my scorecard. So yes, you could call me supersticious. 
HCO: It’s the first time in three years that the women’s golf team has made it to nationals. What do you think made the difference this year?
I think the overall team chemistry has improved a lot this year. We have so much fun on the road together, which I believe makes a huge difference in how we play. Everyone is just dedicated to playing their best, and staying positive on and off the green.
HCO: What’s your plan for after graduation?
I have one more summer of school in Eugene, and then I plan on applying for Physician Assistant school. 

HCO: What drew you to a career in health?
I’m a very hands on type of person and I like taking care of people. I love the adrenaline rush you feel during high pressure situations, which is why I eventually would like to work in the ER. 

HCO: What’s your favorite food?
You’re gonna laugh. Parmesan cheese and candy. Chocolate, sour, gummy, lollipops…I don’t discriminate.
HCO: Which qualities do you look for in a guy?
I look for a guy who has a great sense of humor, but can also hold a conversation. Athleticism is an added plus.
HCO: Looking back, what has been your favorite thing about the UofO?
You can’t beat gameday tailgating at Autzen. 
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