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Campus Celeb: Allie Jeanette Burger

Name: Allie Jeanette Burger

Year: Junior

Major: Journalism

Hometown: Granite Bay, CA

Meet AJ Burger, a Journalism student here at the University Oregon, whose focus is in Broadcast. Additionally, she is also pursuing minors in both Business and Spanish. When it comes to making connections before graduation and building a resume, AJ seems to know just what to do. One step at time, she is racking up experience in the broadcasting world that will hopefully some day lead to her getting that dream job. This past summer, she had the opportunity of having two internships in Los Angeles: one with Fox Sports 1 and the other with ClevverTV. Not only was her summer filled with opportunities, but also here in Eugene she is a reporter for DuckTV Sports, a host and panelist on KWVA Eugene 88.1’s sports radio segments, a campus correspondent for ESPNU, and of course, her work with Fox Sports News. Finally, to top it all off, she is an active member of the Beta Omega Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma here on campus. This past year she held a position as Education chairman, where she took on the responsibilities of not only that position, but also of being a leader within a group of many young women. Oh, and not to mention she was crowned U of O’s Miss Greek last year! Being able to juggle so many things and make all the connections she has, it’s safe to say the world of Sports Broadcasting better get ready for her!


HCO: How did you get involved with Fox Sports News in Eugene?

I got an e-mail from a producer at their headquarters in LA a few months ago that said that they had gotten my information and would love to have me work with them up here in Oregon. I have only done two production assistant jobs with them so far, but they pay me, which is really cool. Plus, my job is to be the assistant to the talent, so basically I get to hang out with them and watch them work and learn from some of the best in the business.

HCO: Can you briefly explain your internships this summer?

This summer I had two internships. I was an intern reporter at ClevverTV, an online media group that focuses on tween news. I wrote scripts for the daily news features on the ClevverMusic and ClevverNews Youtube channels and got a lot of good teleprompter reading practice in. Also, I worked the X Games in LA, which was the sickest thing ever. I for sure want to work for ESPN in the future. Working for a company like that even for a short time really made me be grateful for being appreciated for my work. I was on the event support staff so I basically did whatever the event production team needed me to do to help the event staff.

HCO: Was getting your internship here at UO a competitive process?

I honestly have no idea about the competitiveness of the process for the Fox Sports 1 gig. I was told by a producer that over 70 kids applied, yet I did not apply. So I’m not really sure how that worked! I have been lucky enough to get to do the internships that I have applied for here, such as Comcast SportsNet. 

HCO: Does your work with Fox make you feel more comfortable about going into such a competitive field?

My work with Fox Sports 1 has felt like such a reward for all of the time and work that I’ve been putting in. I feel that if I work hard enough and perfect my skills, I will be successful.  I never really think about the competitiveness because I want to focus on the positive.

HCO: Have you always wanted to pursue broadcast journalism?

Since I was little, I have known that I wanted to go into sports broadcasting. My dad is a sports medicine doctor so I grew up on the sideline of sports. I love the atmosphere so much that I want to be a part of it for the rest of my life.

HCO: What do you think is the most valuable thing you’ve learned from this opportunity?

The most valuable thing that I’ve learned from this opportunity is that you have to have the skills to move up in this field, but it’s also about who you know. Treating people with respect and doing whatever they ask helps them to remember you so that maybe they will help you out in the future.

HCO: How do you do it all? What’s your secret to balancing your internship, sorority, schoolwork, and personal life?

I try really hard, but it’s not easy to juggle everything. Over time, I would like to think I’ve gotten better at it though. School, reporting, health and family come first so at times my social life falls to the wayside. It helps though that I live in a house of sixty girls and have my friends there whenever I have time to hang out!

Also, check out her website: www.allieburger.com

I'm a sophomore at the University of Oregon, and a California girl at heart! I love writing and fashion, but I will always be a sucker for a good book. No one said you can't love the old and the new!   
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