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From Cali To Oregon

There are many of us who made the decision to go to a different state for college. Well, this comes with a wide variety of changes, that one may like or dislike. More specifically, there are many changes if you go from California to Oregon. Here are some of the many things you may not be used to:

1. Most importantly: Weather! Of course coming from California you are used to the warmness of the sun, but get ready for a nice cool treat. 

2. Cali has crowded and warm beaches, but Oregon may prove to be a little more calming. Some people may enjoy this! 

3. The people are a huge difference. Friends and family may be at home but Oregon has those people that will gladly say hello as they pass by just cause they are simply sweet. Oregon has shown to have those smiling faces that aren’t expected. 

4. Roads are a major hassle…..get prepared for those one way streets everywhere you turn! 

5. One other major difference is the green scenery and exploring areas. Oregon has absolutely gorgeous views and places that you can day travel to. Take your friends and enjoy a wuick little trip to a waterfall!


Kara Fagan is currently a sophomore at the University of Oregon, where she is studying the field of journalism. Even though she is greatly driven to do well in academics, she also enjoys many other activities that college life has to offer. You can find her going out to eat at Qdoba with friends, curled up in sweats watching Netflix, or even joining events that her sorority, Alpha Phi, sets up. If you want to find out more about Kara, follow her on Instagram (@fagan_kara)!
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