Animal Collective's ninth EP throws indie pop out the door

        Even with a 2016 album followed by a current worldwide tour, Animal Collective is back again with a four track EP that packs a creative punch. Titled “Meeting of the Waters,” the collection of songs, released May 5, feels like an expedition through South America’s deepest swampland. With atmospheric electronic sounds paired with quite literal nature elements, the EP will no doubt be another cult classic amid their discography.

        The first track, “Blue Nose” may be a little too lengthy (it clocks in at 13 minutes and 20 seconds) with its guitar strumming and repetitive sampling; but the weirdness of “Amazonawana / Anaconda Opportunity” and “Selection of a Place,” mixed with the silky, melodic voice work on “Man of Oil,” the album sustains the band’s renowned obscurity. Not only is the whole presentation of the album warm and inviting, unlike their more buoyant and deranged music--each song feels like you jumped into a dark, muggy Claude Monet painting. While Animal Collective is nearing the end of their tour, there’s still a chance to catch them in Portland on Fri. June 30. Tickets are available through The Roseland Theater’s website

“Meeting of the Waters” is available to stream through Soundcloud and Spotify.