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Here are some must-have adult room essentials to help you make your space a place you love!


Vanity: A vanity is a classic and elegant piece to any bedroom. You can put a perfume tray, glass container of makeup brushes, and fresh flowers to brighten up your room.


Sheep Skin: Any rug that goes with your room will do, but my personal favorite is a sheep skin rug (real or fake depending on your beliefs) Costco has amazing ones that come in black white and gray. They add a mature cozy feel to almost any room.

Lots of Pillows: A bed with just one or two pillows is just wrong. You have got to get large pillows that go behind all of your other pillows, then shams, then decorative pillows to go in front and add a little color and attitude to your bed.

Mature Art: Bare walls can make your room feel plain. Find art that is universal and can be used later if you want to change your room style and color scheme again. I recommend wood or solid color art that is not too patterned. Or if you find something you love and are comfortable adding in a little color and texture find something that ties in the other pops or color from your bed.

Cohesive Hangers: Whether or not your hanging clothes is visible, switching to the same type of hanger makes a closet look cleaner and more mature. Not being stressed out about the looks of your closet can take a lot off of your plate and make your room a more enjoyable instead of daunting place. I recommend the black velvet hangers. You can get them at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, or Costco.


Shams for your Pillows: If you’re feeling up to it. Get two more normal sized pillows for your bed and put shams on them. These are great support pillows and should go in front of your back pillows. They are usually a neutral color, but feel free to shake things up with detail or texture!


End Blanket: An end blanket at the end of your bed not only creates an easily accessible blanket for movies, but adds more appeal to the visual of your bed and helps tie all the colors in your room together!


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