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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

Without any doubt, every woman is different and unique in her own inspiring way. There isn’t a “right” way or a “better” way to be a woman and sometimes the diversity and depth of all women across the globe get lost upon others. If you’ve ever seen or heard #ActuallySheCan then you’ve witnessed an inspiring campaign that encourages women to live the life they choose. 

This campaign is run by Allergan in the hopes of offering insight into every way that a woman can achieve her dreams by being only what she wants to be through mind, body, and soul. From the athletes and geniuses to the fashionistas and artists, there’s no lack of amazing women doing even more spectacular things. Actually She Can has created a community to embrace everything the same and different about women and empowers all of us to be exactly who we are. 

Allergan and their astounding campaign is a mentorship designed for women to appreciate what it means to be a woman. All the way down to birth control, it is an opportunity for everyone to better grasp their abilities and their greatness without being hindered by preconceptions or misrepresentation in media. I know, from the women in my own life and those who share their stories, that I can become a greater woman. So take charge of yourself and be the best woman you can be, because actually, you can. 

Learn more at: https://www.actuallyshecan.com 

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