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8 Reasons Why You Should Use a Planner

Life is pretty darn crazy. It’s just a fact we all are learning to live with. But using a planner is something I certaintly believe will make any life easier. Don’t believe me? Read on, and I’ll show you how!

  1. You’ll never forget the plans you make. Like, ever. From that weekly coffee date with your girlfriends to a random study night with classmates, there’s no doubt about it. They’ll always be on the calendar for you to see.
  2. Events won’t sneak up on you and seem so scary. Whether it’s a friend’s birthday party three months away or the philanthropy event coming up in a couple weeks, you’ll never forget it. No rush-to-find-the-right-outfit nights or can’t-make-it-because-I-totally-forgot-about-it days!
  3. Due dates for assignments will be easily laid out and visible. Planning everything is now in your near future. And you’re going to love it. Say no more to those double-essay, one-and-a-half project nights.
  4. Checking things off from a daily to-do list may be the most satisfying feeling in the entire world. Just take my word. It really, really is.
  5. Life is messy. Keep it organized. Life is so, ridiculously, undeniably messy ya’ll. If you just write everything down, all the time? So much more organized. So much less stress!

    My Erin Condren planner and I have a fantastic relationship.  

  6. If anyone asks you when something is due or where some event is – you’ve got the answer. It’s a great and satisfying feeling. Plus you’ve helped out yourself and a friend now!
  7. It’ll become routine. Every single time your professor announces yet another paper or another team project, you can fully embrace it. You’ll absolutely instinctively pull out your handy-dandy planner and write it down, right then.
  8. You’ll feel amazing. Having that feeling of having your life together, even slightly organized, is amazing. I’ve learned that helping yourself in the smallest ways – like writing everything down in a planner – is an incredibly effective way to keep your stress away and your nerves down. So why not?
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