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5 Spring Break Accessories You Can’t Leave Home Without

You’ve memorized your boarding pass, you’ve gone over your itinerary 50 times, and you’ve made sure the cute boy in Spanish knows you’re going to be just a village away for the next week. So what are you forgetting?

Oh, yeah. Class.

Before finals, essays, or rain quell your excitement, make sure you’re fully prepared for your trip by making sure you have all of the following essentials. Whether or not you have a great swimsuit could make or break your trip — so get shopping!
Your Swimsuit

Be on the lookout for embellishments on this spring’s hottest swim suits. I’m a complete bow fanatic, and I can’t wait to “prep-itize” my backside and/or all of my beach accessories.

A one piece is one of those things that wearing it can instantly make you feel like a child…but with a few carefully placed cut-outs, that nostalgic feeling goes away and is replaced with a Hot Mama vibe. I prefer the latter. 

Despite the fact that you’ll be walking a lot and will undoubtedly uncover situations in which you wish you had worn something with a closed toe, sandals continue to be the go-to spring break shoe. Maybe it’s the lack of sock sweat, maybe it’s the fact that everything looks cuter with sandals, or maybe it’s just so that you can show off your pedicure. Not matter the reason, sandals are here to stay as spring break’s official footwear.

Last spring break, I ended up getting a second-degree sunburn the second day I was on vacation. What’s worse is that I had packed solely jean shorts (such an unfortunate accident). I like to think I learned my lesson — that cover-ups exist not only for going to the beach, but also for skin that doesn’t want to be touched by any sort of fabric anywhere (i.e. real clothes). Plus you get another excuse to wear your swimsuit all day. Woohoo!


…because you don’t want to squint during the whole week of Spring Break.

Passport Cover
One of the most difficult parts of traveling is maintaining the balance between being comfortable in the airport and looking like a complete schlum. Increase your “cute” status with a bright, accessorize-tastical passport cover!

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