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5 Reasons Every Something Should Journal

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Oregon chapter.

We’re all going through so much everyday, and the thoughts pile up in our heads until there’s no more space. My suggestion? Write it down. Get it out. Let yourself feel and let the paper be your own therapist. Below are the five reasons every 20 something should journal. 

1. A Tangible Inside Look into that Sick Twenty Something Head of Yours. It’s basically scrap booking for your thoughts. 

2. Writing is a Skill, and like any skill you can get rusty if you do not practice it. Regardless, of your desired career path you will always be expected to write. So practice. 

3. Avoid Drunk Texting, because it’s an almost guarantee Morning You will regret those messages. Next time Drunk You is toying with a bad idea, write a letter or just a full on RANT. You will feel better and Morning You will thank you. 

4. Late Night Thoughts are Weird and Occasionally Brilliant. Money ideas happen during sleepless nights. 

5. Alleviate Some of Your Therapy Sessions for Your Bestie. Yes, your friends love and care for you deeply…BUT you are no easy. That’s okay, it’s good to be a complicated handful. Instead of talking you friends’ ears to death, an alternate self reflection can be equally as useful. 

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