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5 Changes to Put SPRING in Your Step

Despite the verdict of that little groundhog, us Oregonians know that spring is right around the corner – and we’re already getting a taste of it! It must be something in the pollen, but Eugene has been looking beautiful lately with sunny skies and T-shirt temperatures. As we head out of midterms and into finals, we’re realizing that only one week stands between us collegiettes and Spring term: SPRING BREAK.

I’m not sure what it is about spring that makes us want to change our daily routines up. Perhaps after falling into the winter rut it’s time to spread our wings and make a change. Here are 5 changes you can make to your day to make your spring a little… springier!

1. Put fruit in your water.

I recommend lemon or some sort of citrus fruit. The additional flavor spikes your taste buds and gives you a little more motivation to drink your water!

2. Do your workout in the morning.

It might seem awful when your alarm goes off one hour too early, but starting your day off with an adrenaline boost is the most amazing feeling that lasts all day.

3. Find a new study spot.

We all have out favorite spot on or around campus to study or catch up on assignments. Whether it’s Knight Library or your bedroom, you could use a change in scenery. Find a spot you’ve never been to and give it a try! You never know how it could help the grueling study hours.

4. Don’t wear makeup.

Alright, collegiettes, I know this is a tough one. I myself struggle to make it out of the house without the minimum of a concealer. However, giving your skin a break might be exactly what it needs! Try going bare for a day and see how you like it – it will at least save you a few minutes getting ready in the morning.

5. Download new music.

Nothing makes us millennials happier than a fresh new playlist. Check out what songs are trending right now and download the ones you love! I highly recommend the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Soundtrack.


Happy Spring!


University of Oregon student taking everything as inspiration.
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