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Ok Ladies…it’s time to address Eugene’s crazy winter this term. It’s just been a mess! It has been sunny and snowy and don’t even get me started on the mid-year stress for finals! Here are all the feels we definitely all felt.


1. When you realize it’s about to get FREEZING at night and you can no longer wear that piece of cloth that you call a shirt when going outside 



2.  Winter term has begun and it’s time to hit the rec from ALL the food. So much food.


3. That moment you realize you have new classes and need to make new friends


4. But, then find out that everyone is chill and you actually find people


5. When it is Antarctica in the morning and Hawaii in the afternoon and then Antarctica again at night


6. Winter Term=Movie Nights


7. When it is cold and cuddle weather but you only have food. (just me??)


8. Unless you do have someone and then woohoo- you go girl


9.That one day it snowed and people actually made snowmen 


10. When you feel like this in the morning…


11. But then the sun comes out


12. When It is cold and midterms and everything is just making you mad


13. When it is time to choose next term classes and you have no clue what you want


14. But you know that spring term is coming up….

15. But, you still have finals.


You got this babe!!



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