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Why Cristina Yang Will Always Be Goals

It’s almost been two full seasons without Cristina Yang and it’s still obvious that she was the best character on Grey’s Anatomy. College can be confusing and overwhelming but having the attitude of Dr. Yang can help you kick butt and take names. Here are a few reasons why Cristina Yang is the best fictional character to model your college career after! Spoiler alert if you aren’t at season 11 yet, stop reading!


1. She’s smart and doesn’t dumb herself down for others, not even her person.


Yang walked into her intern year with confidence and refused to let her fellow doctors intimidate or be in control of her. Remember when Cristina told Meredith that she was a better surgeon than her? I cringed a little for Meredith but it was true. Cristina didn’t stop excelling and she’s probably printing a full functioning heart in Zurich.


2. Yang knows how to be upfront and honest.



Every once in awhile people need to hear the unfiltered truth. Never one to walk away from a challenge, Yang was the go to person if someone needed to hear something that Izzy or Meredith were too sweet to say.


3. While she knows she’s brilliant, she also knows she looks damn good.



Yang has confidence in more than just her brain, she knows she looks good and isn’t afraid to tell anyone and everyone that.


4. Cristina understands that Meredith will always be her person.



Men are great (let’s all take a moment to acknowledge all the beautiful men are Grey’s) but Cristina always put Meredith first. They were there for each other through it all; breakups, Meredith being stupid and putting her hand inside a patient with a bomb, their intern exams, and Cristina’s almost Harper Avery. There are no best friends better than these two.


5. She says what any college girl wants to say at a party.

This quote = every college girl’s thought at parties.


6. Even after she got her heart broken by Preston Burke (9 years later and I’m still mad) she found a way to move on with her life and become an amazing surgeon.

The best part after Burke left was when Cristina said “I’m free” I was then in a fit of tears because I loved them together but that’s not the point. Cristina understood that while losing Burke was painful she finally had the opportunity to be free and go after the things that she wanted. She was no longer being forced to be someone Burke wanted her to be, she could just be herself.


7. She eloquently explained what every college girl needs to hear

Ladies, YOU are the sun. Don’t let what anybody else wants control your life, work hard, get good grades and be successful for yourself.


Who’s your favorite Grey’s Anatomy character and why? Tell us in the comments below!

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