Why Being the Miranda of Your Friend Group is the Ultimate Compliment

Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte.

The first and most iconic ladies to get real about sex, friendships, and the trials and triumphs of living in Manhattan in television history. While these characters may be fictional, they represented a monumental moment in television history, paving the way for women to speak openly about sex and relationships with their closest confidants. Each character brings a different dynamic that any girl can relate to. Super fans of the show such as myself, have at one time or another said “oh I am totally Carrie, Charlotte, etc.” However, I’ve come to find that less women for some odd reason choose Miranda, when quite frankly, I think she is the absolute best character on the show. I am proud to call myself a “Miranda” and here’s why you should too.


1. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.


2. She’s a loyal friend.


3. She gives zero f***s what other people think.


4. She’s honest, maybe too honest but hey, who wants a fake friend anyway?!


5. She keeps it real.


6. She doesn’t apologize for her success.


7. She’s got the 411 on the dating world.


8. She’s straightforward.

9. And of course, she had the best one-liners on the show.




Miranda Hobbes is iconic, this show is iconic. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. 

What are your favorite Miranda moments on SATC? Let us know in the comments below!