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Struggles People With Curly Hair Know All Too Well

Curls are fun, but sometimes they require a little extra love. From loose waves to tight coils, here are a few things that all curly girls understand!


1. Changing products all the time because your hair develops immunity

Carol’s Daughter, Ouidad, DevaCurl, Shea Moisture, Curl Keeper… the possibilities are endless.



2. The face you make when friends ask if you have a brush they can borrow

You would if you could.


3. Humidity

No explanantion needed.



4. A 1:800 shampoo to conditioner ratio

There will never be a time when the conditioner runs out first.



5. When the underside of your hair has perfect curls and looks great, but no one will ever see it



6. You can identify a woman’s hair type from 1-4C


7. People compliment the way you smell and it’s because of all the products in your hair


8. Having to find hairdressers who dry cut/know what curly hair is

And immediately looking to see what kind of products they use.

  What are some curly hair struggles you have? Let us know in the comment section below! 

Current sophomore at Oregon State who loves tea, quoting Anchorman, dark chocolate, and exploring nature.
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