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PAC-12 Coaches and Their Celebrity Look-Alikes

Check out some of these PAC-12 coaches and their celebrity look-alikes! 


Coach: Chris Petersen, Washington

Celeb: Steve Carell

Michael Scott isn’t the only one putting in work at ‘The Office,’ with the Huskies soaring to number 5 in the nation


Coach: Jim Mora, UCLA

Celeb: Dennis Quaid

Having been on the coaching staff of three NFL teams, Mora is no “Rookie.”


Coach: Clay Helton, USC

Celeb: Bruce Willis

 Willis’ movie career began in the 80’s after he acted on Broadway; Helton became head coach after Steve Sarkisian was revealed as an alcoholic.


Coach: David Shaw, Stanford

Celeb: LL Cool J

 Both successful, loved, and bald.


Coach: Kyle Whittingham, Utah

Celeb: William Sadler

 Actor, William Sadler is known for his role in the movie ‘Shawshank Redemption,’ but Utah doesn’t have any redeeming to do after a winning season last year.


Coach: Gary Andersen, OSU

Celeb: Mike Rowe

With a 0-9 pac-12 season last year, both of these men have dirty jobs.


Coach: Rich Rodriguez, Arizona

Celeb: Gerald Ford

President Ford may not be a ‘celebrity,’ but he and Rich share the same furrowed brow and disappointed frown.


Coach:Todd Graham, ASU

Celeb: Simon Cowell

Former Coach of the Year, Todd Graham is truly an American Idol.


Coach: Mark Helfrich, UO

Celeb: James “Murr” Murray

Murr gets embarrassed by his friends on the show ‘Impractical Jokers,’ and Mark gets embarrassed when his team loses 21-70 against Washington.


Coach: Mike Leach, Washington State

Celeb: Jeff Daniels

 Mike Leach earned a J.D. from Pepperdine University School of Law, so no “dumb and dumber” jokes can be made about him despite his celebrity twin, actor Jeff Daniels.


Coach: Mike MacIntyre, Colorado

Celeb: Stephen Collins

 Stephen Collin’s is best known for his role as the ultra-religious dad in the show, “7th Heaven”, and Mike MacIntyre is best known for being the coach of a team that is always at the bottom of the PAC-12.


Coach: Sonny Dykes, Cal

Celeb: Oscar the Grouch

 Iconic eyebrows and winning smiles.


Do you know of any great dopplegangers for these PAC-12 coaches? Let us know in the comments below! 

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