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If PAC12 Schools Were Gossip Girl Characters


Gossip Girl may have ended back in 2012, but the legacy definitely lives on. We here at Her Campus at Oregon State have been reminiscing about all of our favorite characters lately, so we started thinking about where we see their personalities and characteristics shining through in real life. Read on to find out which main character your school is!

Oregon State – Jenny Humphrey

Often referred to as the U of O’s “little brother,” Oregon State University is perfectly embodied by Little Jenny Humphrey. Just like Little J herself, the Beavs surprise everyone once in a while by coming out on top when it’s least expected.

University of Oregon – Chuck Bass

Unless you live in Eugene, both Chuck Bass and the U of O are something that you either love to hate or hate to love. And we miiiiiight be a little bit biased, but we could definitely confuse Chuck’s often angry and selfish demeanor with that of the general Oregon student body ;). “I went to Oregon” isn’t a tell-all, be all response, Ducks.

Stanford – Blair Waldorf

Just like Queen B, Stanford embodies everything that is wealthy, private, and high-class. Stanford might not come out on top every single time, but they come pretty darn close.

University of Washington – Dan Humphrey

Dan is often seen as a nerd or an outcast, but anyone who has watched the series knows that the boy’s going places. As an aspiring writer and all-around cool kid, Lonely Boy is anything but – making a creative place like Seattle the perfect spot for him.

Washington State – Rufus Humphrey

Rufus started his adulthood out in the indie art and music scene, making middle-of-nowhere Pullman his perfect stomping grounds. With a less-flashy appeal and a smaller emphasis on sports, Rufus and Wazzu are practically soulmates.

Arizona State – Lily van der Woodsen

Lily, just like her daughter Serena, is a party girl at heart. Though she may seem put-together and uptight in the show, her childhood and college years were definitely quite the opposite – and ASU is the perfect place to have a wild time.

University of Arizona – Ivy Dickens

Ivy and the U of A go hand in hand because they both try to impersonate their competition in an attempt to get ahead. Ivy pursues her own agenda no matter what it takes. Although both Arizona State and the University of Arizona were founded in the same year, both have similar school color schemes, and are located quite close to each other, the U of A is surpassed by their rival in almost every category. Sorry, Wildcats!

University of Utah – Vanessa Abrams

Although her beliefs aren’t exactly religiously-oriented, Vanessa’s strong social rights activism efforts make her the perfect candidate for the University of Utah. Who doesn’t love someone who stands up for what they believe?!  

University of Colorado – Georgina Sparks

Georgina Sparks, much like the University of Colorado, is like that sister who nobody really likes and who isn’t good for very much, but they keep showing up anyway. It’s actually pretty easy to forget that they exist until they smack you in the face when you least expect it.

University of California, Berkeley – Serena van Der Woodsen

Much like the laid-back culture found at UC Berkeley, Serena perfectly embodies the hipster-hippy aesthetic found in Berkeley. Though she may seem like (and sometimes act like) a huge party girl – just like much of the bay area – she’s really just down to earth and often misunderstood.

University of California, Los Angeles – Blair’s Minions

Blair’s minions are the perfect representation of UCLA because, while they are all things trust fund and fame, they never quite make it to the top. They do have their successes as they try to overrule the Constance hierarchy system, but there’s always someone better who comes out on top in the end.

University of Southern California – Nate Archibald

This match up is actually fate, since USC is the school that Nate wanted to attend in the first place. Although his family wanted him to attend the prestigious Dartmouth, Nate found refuge on the Golden Coast because it matches with his rich-yet-humble ambitions and relaxed lifestyle.

We can’t all be Upper East Siders, but we can definitely dream.

Until next time – XOXO,

HC at Oregon State

Lara is a graduate of Oregon State University, with a degree in New Media Communications and minors in writing and Spanish. Currently, Lara resides in New York City and works in the Influencer Marketing space.
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