How To De-Stress After Finals Week


We all know how incredibly stressful finals week can be. You’ve got more exams than you can count, final papers, projects, and that’s not counting the work shifts you have and the drama your friends and family may be cooking up for you. That said, we’ve got some tips for you to de-stress once your time of woe is through. It’s time to recoup and refresh before another term and another finals week (but try not to think about that too much).


1. Drink a cup of tea.


There’s nothing like a piping hot cup of tea to cleanse your sinuses and your soul. Just sitting there on your couch and napping is the best way to kick off your break. We personally recommend a cup of Yogi Tea to start you off. They have over 60 varieties of green, herbal, and black teas sure to have you perking back up in no time.


2. Read a book.


If you’re looking for a book nerd’s paradise this break where better to start than Book of the Month Club (BOTM)? Their experts pore through hundreds of new books each month to bring you the best possible options. You can then choose which hardcover books you would like to receive or choose to skip a month if you’d prefer. Membership includes one book a month but if more than one strikes your fancy you can also add two additional books for only $9.99 each. Use our code HERCAMPUS30 for 30% off a 3-month membership plus a free tote! This comes to less than $10.50/month for a brand new hardcover book. Enroll now!


3. Have a soothing at-home spa day.


In the famous words of Donna, “Treat yourself!” and have a low-key spa day at home. Why waste your money on a spa experience where you have to interact with other people? Why not simply lay back at home, apply a face mask, and pop open your beverage of choice. If this is your dream staycation check out Leaders Cosmetics! Their 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask, 7 Wonders Caribbean Coconut Calming Mask and 7 Wonders Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask are all revolutionary coconut gel technology sheet masks are sure to have your skin feeling great and you feeling good for that unexpected meeting with your ex you’re sure to have when you return home.


4. Get dolled up for a girl’s night out.


If you’re looking to become a Rimmel Rebel we recommend donning the Provocalips 16HR Kissproof Lip Colour, their natural bronzer, and Scandaleyes Original Mascara. They all guarantee no matter how late you’re out and what trouble you get into your lipstick won’t smudge, your mascara will be easy to remove for Sunday brunch, and your face will look flawless.


5. Take a soak in the bath.


So you’re at home and you’ve got stressed out family members all around. Why not dip out for an hour or two to de-stress and hop in the tub? Grab your bath bomb, your favorite soap, and PureSilk shave cream to leave your legs feeling soft even if it’s just to jump right back into your fuzzy pajamas. Then grab your phone and enter here for a chance to win a Love Your Legs Getaway! You and a friend could win a trip to majestic Colorado to enjoy roundtrip airfare and accommodations. You’ll also get a day of relaxation at Life Spa, a night of music at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, entrance into the Gildan Esprit de She 5k/10k and a Pure Silk prize bag. Talk about a relaxing bath!


6. Try out a new hobby.


Whether it’s knitting, hiking, cross-stitch or something else entirely out there now is the time! Have some fun over break struggling through something new and fun whether it’s by yourself or with a friend or two. This could even be a great way to bond with a new roommate.


7. Check out the relaxation resources on campus.


We highly recommend checking out the Mind Spa through Counseling & Psychological Services on campus, the yoga or relaxation PAC classes, or even a fit pass class. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg of all the amazing resources however. We highly recommend utilizing these resources as you are in one way or another paying for them so take advantage!


Let us know in the comment section below with your favorite way to relax over break!