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Campus Profile: Tessa Barone

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OR State chapter.

Written by Jillian Kincaid. 

This week’s campus profile is Tessa Barone, a sophomore at OSU who is highly involved with multiple clubs and works on campus. Read to learn more about Tessa and her involvements on campus!


Name: Tessa Barone

Hometown: Eugene, Oregon

Year: Junior

Major/Minor: English and Religious Studies, Minor: Writing



HC at OR State: What kind of extracurriculars are you involved in on campus? 

Tessa Barone: Right now I’m in the Historical Students Association. I think the Historical Students Association is really fun and more people should go to meetings. I like it and I really like talking to people, it’s a nice outlet for my pretentious side. It lets me shine, I’m sorry, I mean radiate.


HC at OR State: What’s your favorite club at the moment?

Tessa Barone: Historical Students Association. It’s got a really nice groove to it and has a really nice vibe. It’s really small and I don’t know what would happen if it got bigger. Because I like how intimate it is right now because it allows us to go in so many different directions and stuff. If it gets bigger there’ll be a, you know, a different sort of uh, social rhythm.


HC at OR State: So, you work as a tutor at the Writing Center on campus. What’s that like?

Tessa Barone: It’s really good! It’s so varied from sessions to session. You sit down with someone who has a paper or a nebulous idea and they just bring their stuff and you just talk to them. 


HC at OR State: What do you think is valuable about having this resource on campus?

Tessa Barone: Because it’s pretty much whatever you need the session to be. It totally shapes around what you need. It’s good for anyone no matter what stage of writing they’re in, or whatever part of writing evolution they’re in. It’s whatever you need. It’s really comfortable and natural. It’s like having a conversation with your friend, but your friend is getting paid so they’re really into it. 



HC at OR State: What’s your favorite part about being a tutor?

Tessa Barone: Getting to talk to so many people. I didn’t know I liked talking to people and I didn’t know I liked people so much until I was sort of force into doing it. People are so interesting and there’s always something to talk about.


HC at OR State: What’s the scariest part about being a tutor?

Tessa Barone: Um, I’m afraid of people. I just really want to do a good job but I’m afraid I’m not doing a good job. It’s hard to be available emotionally and intellectually all the time for people and I might not be bringing it enough to certain people but I might be hella bringing it to one guy.


HC at OR State: What do you do in your spare time as a student?

Tessa Barone: I watch too much TV, I don’t know if I actually like it but it’s something to do. I read in angst about embarrassing memories. I really like hanging out with my friends… that’s you. I also like to exercise, I think? I’m not sure. And I like to write.


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Katherine Borchers is a Junior at Oregon State University and is majoring in Digital Communication Arts. She is involved on campus with Res Life and So Worth Loving at Oregon State. You can find her procrastinating real life responsibilities, drinking coffee, and procrastinating some more. When she procrastinates, she loves to sing loudly (not well, either), read books, and do artsy-fartsy stuff.