Campus Profile: Shasta Memories

This week’s campus profile is featuring stories from anonymous OSU Shasta attendees about their previous experiences! We asked several different people to share their best and worst memories from previous years.

Shasta is a Spring Term tradition here at Oregon State. A large amount of people vacate Corvallis in favor for a crazy weekend in some houseboats on Shasta Lake in Nor-Cal, leaving the campus relatively quiet Thursday through Sunday. Check out this highlights video from last year’s trip while getting a taste for what happens there.


HC at OR State: Can you give us a brief description of what Shasta Weekend is?

A weekend where a bunch of your closest friends and distant strangers come together to drink copious amounts of alcohol”

“A fun-filled experience in the sunshine on a houseboat at Shasta Lake, CA.”

“It’s an event in which a large portion of the student body at OSU go to lake Shasta in California and party.”


HC at OR State: What is the best thing (in your opinion) about the weekend as a whole?

“Tossing water balloons at strangers from the top of houseboats with the friends you just met!”

“Having a weekend getaway from all my problems, a paradise, a safe-haven for college students to enjoy sunshine, and beer, if you’re of age of course.”

“It’s a beautiful location and you get to party hard with all your friends.”


HC at OR State: Can you think of some downsides to the weekend?

“Waking up with a mutilated head, having no ibuprofen and being essentially forced to drink more in order to mask the sharp pain in the brain.”

“Planning the trip is difficult. Everyone must work around a tight schedule, trying to be somewhere at an exact time.”

“Bad weather or passing out early and missing out on activities. That or when the alcohol runs out.”


HC at OR State: What is the funniest thing you have seen at Shasta?

“Making out with a girl on top of a three foot platform while simultaneously dancing to EDM music that was blasting 6ft away from my face. I was surprised by one of my friends the following morning with a picture of the whole thing. I had no idea it had happened.”

“Classified. Haha”

“A guy drank 3 whole beers in like 2 minutes.”


HC at OR State: What is your best memory from Shasta?

“The stories people told me I did during my blackout: ran from the top of the island through a boat and into the water on top of a alligator floaty that carried me to Kendra Sutherland, no joke.”

“Classified as well.”

“Sailing with the crew and getting wild.”


HC at OR State: Worst memory?

“Blacking out from drinking the first and only time in my life and watching several fist fights.”

“When it rained and all we had was flat beer.”


HC at OR State: If you were to give a first-timer to Shasta a packing list, what would be on it?

“Bring: Toothbrush and paste, swim trunks, goggles, sunscreen, WATER SHOES, NO PHONES, disposable cameras instead”

“A tank top, water shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, sleeping bag, beer, fun attitude!”

“Sunscreen and liquor”


HC at OR State: Do you have any advice for first-timers?

“Don’t stand near railings, don't take pictures with alcohol in your hand, DON'T JUMP OFF boats, bring a Go-Pro you don’t care about.”

“Don’t go all-in all at once. Pacing yourself to enjoy your time makes you appreciate the weather, your environment, and group.”

“Don’t be sober but don’t be a sloptart.”


HC at OR State: Do you have any safety tips?

“Don’t do unfamiliar drugs”

Bring a life jacket if you can’t swim. Don’t run on the boat.”

“Tie a rope to yourself when on the top of the boat so that you will never fall off. Always wear water wings.”


HC at OR State: Can you take us through an average day’s worth of food and drinks?

“Wake up: Beer and Hot Dogs; Lunch: Burgers and Hard Liquor/Water; Dinner: Oral and Hard Liquor”

Beer. Hamburgers, hot dogs. Pretty much anything you can find at the houseboat island.”


HC at OR State: In the future, if you have kids, do you think you’ll share with them your experiences at Shasta?

Yes, but only after they have their experience.”

“When they’re old enough, sure.

Have a safe and fun weekend in the sun, Beaver Nation!