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This week’s campus profile is the president of the Beta Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi here at Oregon State University. Read on to find out why she chose OSU and the role leadership has played in her college experience!


Name: Nissa Johnson

Hometown: Keizer, Oregon

Year: Senior

Major: Merchandising Management

Minors: Business and Writing



HC at OR State: What made you choose Alpha Phi sorority?

Nissa: I chose Alpha Phi because I really liked all of the women I met during recruitment; however, the reason that I love Alpha Phi today is because the sisterhood has been my support system throughout the hard times and brought me joy in during the good times. I cannot envision my college experience without Alpha Phi.


HC at OR State: What made you want to become president?

Nissa: I wanted to become president because I am passionate about Alpha Phi, and I knew that I could use that passion to lead the chapter in the right direction. I also knew that the experience of being president would challenge me to grow in various ways and give me valuable experience.

HC at OR State: How has having a big leadership role benefited your life?

Nissa: Having a big leadership role exponentially improved my communication, organization, and professional skills. It has given me diverse, real world experience that a lot of people do not acquire until they enter a career position. I have not only grown professionally, but this experience has pushed me personally and given me an opportunity to test and grow my adaptability, patience, and integrity. I would highly recommend taking on a leadership role at any caliber during one time in college.

HC at OR State: What has been your favorite experience since coming to OSU?

Nissa: My favorite experience since coming to OSU has been my time as a student leader. Being a student leader enriched my life in so many ways and opened my eyes to aspects of Oregon State that I didn’t know existed. It created an opportunity for a multifaceted learning experience.


HC at OR State: What are you going to miss the most about college when you graduate?

Nissa: I will miss being able to be around all of my friends and sisters all the time! It is going to be strange to not be within five minutes of almost all of my friends.


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