Campus Profile: Cassie Fellows

This week's campus profile is a student here at Oregon State who lives and works in the greenhouses! She is a lover of plants, cats, and all things creative. Read on to hear more about what it's like to live in a greenhouse, a plant lover's passion, and some great words of wisdom.  

Name: Cassie Fellows

Hometown: Gresham, OR

Major/Minor: Horticulture with an option in Ecological and Sustainable Production

Year: Senior


HC at Oregon State: Why did you choose this major? What started your passion for plants?

Cassie: I have loved plants even as a little girl. From flower chains to pruning apple trees, all of it was fascinating and beautiful. When I began college, it was simple to me. And OSU has an amazing horticulture program.


HC at Oregon State: Living at the greenhouses -- that’s not a typical college living situation. What is it like to live there? 

Cassie: It is my ideal situation. I mean, I'm a horticulturist living in a greenhouse. I'm in plant heaven. Plus I love my little space. It's an open loft apartment with two stories, and tons of plants in it, of course. I love my home and job so much. 


HC at Oregon State: What are the responsibilities of a greenhouse resident?

Cassie: The greenhouses on campus provide a service to their users, and we are a part of that service. As a resident, one of us is always on call when needed after normal office hours. We are licensed pesticide applicators, and help manage the greenhouse IPM program. Nightly at 5 pm the greenhouses are routinely locked up. We also act as general greenhouse laborers by watering and helping as needed.


HC at Oregon State: There are a lot of jobs on campus that people don’t know about. How did you hear about this job at the greenhouses?

Cassie: Just making friendly conversation. One day, one of my classmate plopped right down next to me and we began chatting before our Plant Propagation class. I had heard a rumor that he lived in the greenhouses somewhere and wondered how that could be. He told me he keeps watch of the plants at night and helps out in the greenhouse, and his job requires him to live there. It's a great gig! 

HC at Oregon State: Besides the greenhouses, how else are you involved at OSU? 

Cassie: Before being a greenhouse resident, I was a Resident Assistant in Callahan Hall. I loved that job and getting to know all of the residents. It was fun to put on events such as Earth Day and buy plants for people in the hall.


HC at Oregon State: Has this job in anyway helped you decide what you do or do not want to do after you graduate?

Cassie: What do I want to do after I graduate? That thing that's happening in 3 months? Well, I’m not sure. I'm actually kind of freaking out about it. The thing I know for sure though, is that this job has better equipped me as a horticulturist, and has helped me as a professional as well.


HC at Oregon State: Can you describe what an ideal job for you after graduation would look like?

Cassie: I would be surrounded by plants, coffee, flowers, gardens, animals, and nice people. Where I would make a good income. My dream is to have my own garden center, where I can have all of the things that I love together. I draw inspiration from places such as Pistils or Solabee in Portland. For now, while I plan for my dream job, I would love to work at places that could help me better prepare for that.


HC at Oregon State: What is the most rewarding thing about working with plants?

Cassie: I love the way that they grow. It truly brings me happiness everyday. They respond to love and care, and grow to show it. It's so beautiful. I'm such a sap.

HC at Oregon State: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Cassie: Cuddle my cat. We just like to cuddle in a big bed surrounded by plants. That's what I truly enjoy doing in my free time. But I can't do that all of the time, so I also enjoy bug collecting, embroidering, doodling, playing with plants, drinking coffee, and going outside with my indoor cat.


HC at Oregon State: Graduation is coming up soon! Is there anything that you would like to do before you receive your degree?

Cassie: I need to find Diamond Dan’s uncle’s painting. So I suppose, before I get my degree, I would like to visit every painting in every room of every building at OSU and try to find his uncle’s signature on a painting. I'm running out of time.


HC at Oregon State: What is your best college memory?

Cassie: The first time I had an iced lavender latte from Interzone and picked a handful of lilacs.


HC at Oregon State: What do you hope to be doing in 10 years?

Cassie: Running that business I dream of daily and drinking only 2 shots espresso a day instead of 6.


HC at Oregon State: What is your life motto (or favorite quote)?

Cassie: Choose goodness.


HC at Oregon State: Do you have any college regrets?

Cassie: I really should have gone to class more. People are going to expect me to prove I know this stuff soon. Yikes.


HC at Oregon State: Do you have any advice for incoming freshman? Maybe people who are going into their last year at OSU next fall?

Cassie: Go to the party, talk to the person, smell the flower, drink the coffee, respect the deadline, choose goodness. I hope you love your journey daily and realize being sad is not forever.



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