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Campus Cutie: Haley Wolcott

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at OR State chapter.

Name: Haley Wolcott

Year: Freshman

Major/Minor: Integrative Biology with a Pre-Med option

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Relationship Status: Happily Taken (:

This week’s Campus Cutie is this sweet girl Haley! Read on to find out about this gorgeous girl.

HC at Oregon State: What is your favorite Fall essential?

Haley: Absolutely has to be oversized warm sweaters.

HC at Oregon State: Why did you pick OSU?

Haley: It has an amazing Biology program, and it seemed the perfect distance from home where I could have independence but still visit whenever I want to!

HC at Oregon State: Favorite Hobby?

Haley: Playing volleyball and Henna!

HC at Oregon State: Who is your role model and why?

Haley: My role model would definitely be my mom! We’re both in college – she’s getting her MBA- and I always know I can count on her to encourage and support me and I do the same for her!

HC at Oregon State: What is your daily outfit essential?

Haley: Definitely my jewelry – I’ve always got my pearl necklace from Hawaii on and some cute earrings!

HC at Oregon State: What are your top three bucket list items and why?


1) Traveling anywhere and everywhere because I’m super adventurous! (Preferably through Europe).

2) Do a medical mission trip because I’m interested in medicine and it seems like a great cause!

3) Meet the cast of Friends because I adore that show.

HC at Oregon State: Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Haley: I hope to be settling down into my career, and have a beautiful family and at least one adorable dog!

HC at Oregon State: Who are your celebrity crushes?

Haley: Eric Dane from Grey’s Anatomy, David Beckham, and I have a major girl crush on Jennifer Aniston.

HC at Oregon State: What is your favorite date night outfit and date?

Haley: It’s got to be my red dress with an open back and some sandals! And Red lobster because that is mine and my boyfriend’s favorite restaurant – and no cell phones.


Say Hey to Haley if you happen to see her around campus, and stay tuned in for next week’s Campus Cutie!



Alishea is a sophmore at Oregon State University working towards a major in Child Development and Education. If shes not in class or at work, she is usually spending time with her friends, family or writing poetry. She is involved with many on campus activities from Her Campus, to Active Minds club as well as the Creative Writing club. Her goals are to become a teacher and travel the world in order to find new ways to teach from different cultures.