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The 8 Best Apps to Organize Your Life

As finals week approaches, staying organized is essential. Yet with so much going on this can be a little difficult at times. Luckily, most of us are carry around the perfect tool for structuring our lives with us everyday: our phones. There are so many fantastic (and free!) apps that can help you declutter and arrange your life to assist you in reaching your goals and maintaining a more balanced, less stressful life! Here’s a list of eight apps I’ve reviewed to help organize the various areas of your life!

Health & Fitness:

Eating well and staying fit can do wonders for both your body and mind. Focusing on your health and fitness can help you stave off illness and remove stress. However, finding the time to plan and prepare healthy meals or hit the gym can be difficult with a busy schedule packed with studying and exams.

Grokker: This app allows you to select from three categories — yoga, fitness, and cooking. Once you’ve selected which categories you want it then pulls up videos created by experts in that field and give you the option to decline the video or save it to watch later. It’s definitely a fun app and it feels very similar to Tinder. This app does require you to sign up to watch the videos, but it’s free and you also receive a free 90-day premium membership.

Glow: Glow is both a period tracker and health app. It allows you to type in data such as how much sleep you got as well as your stress levels, and it then offers health tips. It also tracks your menstrual cycle and gives you daily encouragements and reminders such as “Indulge yourself” or “Stay hydrated.” You can also tell the app if you’re trying to conceive or prevent pregnancy and it will tell you which days you’re fertile as well as give you additional tips.

Group Organization:

Even if you are an expert at organization, that may not extend to everyone you work with. Whether it’s a group project or sorority event, having a central place to keep everyone notified and on task is really helpful. These apps are also really handy for simply sharing tasks and documents amongst a group, as well as giving each other feedback.

Quip: If you’re looking for a way to organize across platforms, this app can be really helpful. It allows you to import documents from Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. It also allows you to chat and create groups so you can share checklists or spreadsheets and everyone can edit and view documents. This is perfect for organizing group projects, planning events, or even making plans for spring break with your friends.

Trello: Trello helps you organize your groups by creating different boards, allowing you to add group members and share ideas. It even allows you to create checklists and due dates, so the app keeps everyone on task via notifications instead of through you. It’s a great option for groups because it allows you to share documents as well as write comments all in one place. Another great feature is that you can choose who has access to which boards, so you can decide whether or not you want to share your boards with others.


Of course most devices offer built in calendars, but usually different groups or activities tend to have their own separate schedules. This may leave you with several different calendars and to do lists. Instead, try using apps that allows you to streamline your schedules all in one place.

Upto: If you want to have everything from friends’ birthdays to local events and your favorite concerts all in one place, this app is your perfect go-to. You can search through a variety of categories such as music or TV and movies and add all your favorite shows or events directly to your calendar. It also allows you to import other calendars such as your Facebook calendar, as well as share and receive your calendar with family or friends. This is great because not only can you organize everything you already have planned, if you’re looking for something to do you can also search for other events based on your interests.

Timeful: This app combines both a calendar and a to-do list into one. It also features suggested to-dos that you can select and it will add them to your list, such as “floss” or “go for a run,” as well as remind you and allow you to set the frequency. It also gives you suggestions for how to be more productive. In addition, like other calendar apps, you can sync your calendars from other programs into this one.


While you’re rushing around trying to get everything accomplished and slowly take over the world, it’s important to dress for the occasion. However, sometimes selecting a fashionable outfit can be difficult or just too time consuming. Having an app that gives you outfit ideas can really help you take on the world by storm (while still looking cute), and it will allow you to spend less time trying to put together looks so you can focus more on other things.

Closet Space: An amazing feature Closet Space offers is that it allows you to filter through looks based on weather, temperature, and occasion. It also allows you to search by brand, style, color or name, so if there’s a really specific look or article of clothing you’re looking to wear, it makes it really simple to find just that. It also has a calendar feature which you can sync your other calendars into and save outfits for specific dates. It also has other fun features, inlcuding a way to add your own items from your closet to further customize your experience.

Chicismo: Trying to decide on an outfit?  This app allows you to select an article of clothing and a specific color, and then shows people with outfits that include a piece that fits your selection. It also allows you to search by trend or see popular looks, or even see looks saved by friends. You can also share your own looks to inspire others.

Life is stressful, so why not make it easier by getting a little help to keep everything organized so you can better reach your goals and maintain your peace of mind? Try out some of these apps to help you cut back on some of the stress so you have more time to prep for finals, or just go out and have some fun!



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