5 Easy Steps to Start Your Monday Off Right

With finals week upon us, here are some tips to start your week off right! Good luck on all of your studies, and may the test curves be ever in your favor.

1. Wake up to your favorite song

For me, waking up is the hardest thing to do bright and early on Monday morning. Try setting your alarm the night before with the intention of not hitting snooze and switch the sound to your favorite song. Hearing your favorite song will hopefully wake you up in a good mood, and even if you do hit snooze, you will get to hear that same song again 5 minutes later.

2. Wash your face

People have different preferences on showering in the morning and at night, which is fine, but it is important to always wash your face in the morning. Splashing water on your face and wiping the sleepiness away will make you feel refreshed and a little more prepared to take on the day.

3. Pick your outfit out the night before

It can be a struggle to even tie your shoelaces in the morning, but if you already have your outfit picked out then you won’t have to try on a million different outfits. Make sure you check the weather the night before as well so your outfit fits the temperature. The less brain cells you have to use before heading to class the better, am I right?

4. Eat breakfast

I know that eating three square meals a day can be a total struggle in college, especially since classes sometimes interfere with meal times, but breakfast is the key to a happy day. If your belly is full then your brain can function properly, and that makes for a successful class time. Try to wake up a few minutes earlier or to not hit snooze so many times so you can eat a bowl of cereal or a granola bar before (or on the way to) class.

5. Make a to-do list

Mondays are daunting because you start to think of all the tasks that need to be accomplished during the coming week. Creating a to-do list can help you stay organized and make sure all of your time is divided equally among classes, studying, work and social time. Checking things off your list one by one gets you that much closer to the weekend!

These tips have helped me with the worst cases of the Mondays! Do you have any other tips? Let us know how you prepare for your week in the c