32 Things I learned at Oregon State University: A Senior's Guide to Success

It's officially finals week of spring term, and that means graduation is right around the corner. If you're graduating, congratulations! How many of these can you relate to? And, if not, how many of these do you need to keep in mind for the future?

1. It is socially acceptable to wear leggings every day of the week.

2. You probably don’t need to buy textbooks, or even read them, but you get out what you put into every class.

3. Be nice to your RA, and they will be nice to you.

4. Memorize your school ID; it will make filling out a scantron much faster.

5. Eating pizza for every meal is considered normal.

6. The MU is where you get coffee, meet with clubs, listen to piano music, and eat Panda Express.

7. The Quad is where you get free things and talk to people who want you to participate in a fundraiser or sign something.

8. Always set a timer to go off 5 minutes before your laundry is done so no one puts it on the floor.

9. Choose your roommates wisely -- they could end up being your best friends (or enemies).  

10. Familiarize yourself with where your classroom is located before your first class.

11. You should probably learn all of your dance moves from Dancing Mike.

12. Try not to spend all of your dining hall money for the term on coffee.

13. Try not to spend all of your food money for the month on beer.

14. Get to know the people on your floor, and especially your neighbors. Make friends wherever you are.

15. Find a special place that you can study for midterms and finals. This doesn’t always mean the library.

16. Be safe at frat parties, always have a buddy, and keep your eyes on your drink and your surroundings.

17. Karma will treat you right if you do good for others, so hold your friends hair or help a stranger home, because that is what you would want if you were in that situation.

18. Join clubs that mean something to you and put in the effort, you wont regret it.

19. Check in at home at least once a week, your parents miss you and it's nice for them to know you are doing alright.

20. If you are going to start watching a new series on Netflix, make sure it isn’t around finals week or you will never study.

21. Dixon is busiest at the beginning of every term, right after winter break and right before Shasta, so plan accordingly.

22. Get to know the bartenders at your favorite bars and tip nicely, they will usually return the favor at some point and take care of you.

23. Once you buy a clicker, don’t sell it until you graduate. There is always that one class Senior year you didn’t know you would need one for.

24. Take pictures no matter what the event, you will want to cherish these memories one day.

25. Have fun! College is what you make it, and you should take full advantage of all the fun activities while you can.

26. Somehow math works its way into every class, so pay attention even if you never think you will use the information again.

27. Go to office hours or tutoring sessions; once you fall behind it is hard to recover.

28. Save the non-emergency police number in your phone, you will probably need it at some point.

29. Fro-yo is an essential food group, great for any occasion.  

30. Take advantage of every discount you can receive with your student ID, especially at the Carmike because they will always honor the discount unlike some movie theaters.

31. Clean your sheets and make your bed at least every two weeks, you will sleep and feel better instantly.

32. Although it seems like forever from freshman year to graduation, it actually goes by really fast, so have the time of your life while you're still young enough to get away with eating Cheesy Stuffed Burgers at one in the morning after a night out with your girls. College comes to a halt quite abruptly, and there is no going back.

It feels like just yesterday I was pulling up to my dorm room and starting my life in this town that I would eventually call home. Now, it's four years latter I am getting ready to say goodbye and start my life. It has been a pleasure writing for the OR State Her Campus chapter for the past year, and I am so happy I had the chance to reach all of you Collegiettes! I am pleased to report that I am graduating from OSU and will be headed out into the world to find my next adventure. I know I will always have a home with Her Campus, and I thank you all for the wonderful experience.

This is Megan Hiatt, Her Campus contributor and Oregon State University graduate officially signing off.