20 Signs You'll be BFFs For Life

College can be scary, but having your best friend by your side can always make things 100 times better. You may have come to college together or you found each other freshman year in the dorm bathroom, but either way your best friend plays a huge part of your life. Here are 20 signs you and your BFF will actually be just that!

1. You hate all of the same people, and can talk about them for hours.

2. When you give each other “the look” and know exactly what is being said.

3. The endless texts you send each other that include pictures of puppies, kittens, or a wildly inappropriate meme.

4. Bringing home wine because you have had a hard day and everyone deserves a glass.

5. Talking about the same guy and analyzing the same situation whenever you get reminded of him, but never getting bored of hearing about it.

6. Never owing each other money because it all balances out in the end.

7. Agreeing that sweat pants, no bra, and greasy hair is an acceptable appearance to go out into the world for coffee or a burrito.

8. Quoting movies and song lyrics in normal conversation, and even finishing each other’s sentences.

9. Giving each other the best advice, and not always following it, but never saying I told you so.

10. Automatically knowing you will be standing by each others side at the alter, and planning your hypothetical weddings no matter how far off a wedding might actually be.

11. Sending Snapchats to each other, but not screen shoting them…well maybe one or two.

12. Making each other feel special on birthdays and going to the bars, no matter what day of the week it is. 

13. Napping on the couch all day from being hung-over and accepting the silence.

14. Running to the grocery store or bank is never done alone.

15. Knowing their stories from middle school and high school and being able to tell them just as good.

16. Facebook and Instagram stalking better then the CIA or FBI ever could.

17. Being by each others side through all of the hard moments in life.

18. Deleting the picture you don’t like and retaking it 100 times before you get the perfect shot.

19. Not always agreeing with each other, but never leaving a disagreement without agreeing to disagree.

20. Loving each other like a sister whether you share letters, blood, or a true sincere friendship.

Have any signs you think we've missed? Let us know in the comments!