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20 Signs You Go to Oregon State

There’s more to being a Beaver than simply wearing orange and black, as anyone who attends Oregon State University should know. Can you relate to all 20 of these Corvallis classics?

1. Thursday nights are considered the weekend

Thirsty Thursday, anyone?

2. Breakfast burritos from Rivas are gifts from God.

3. You can easily spot freshmen because of their lanyards.

4. You avoid green and yellow color combos like the plague.

Literally nothing is more despised here than the Oregon Ducks.

5. When you see dancing mike in the quad and your day instantly gets better.

6. I.M. sports are just another excuse to get drunk with your friends on a weekday.

7. It’s impossible to not have a Dutch Bros. within a 1 mile radius from wherever you are.

8. Occasionally sleeping on the MU couches during your breaks between classes.

No judgments here… we’re all in this together.

9. When people visit campus they always want to see the building on the brochure… Weatherford.

What nobody knows before coming here is that it’s just a dorm.

10. Dixon being overly crowded the month after Christmas Break and the month before Shasta.

11. Shasta….

12. Everyone starts tanning as soon as the sun comes out in spring, even if the temperature is still 55 degrees.

Have you ever noticed that 55 degrees here in Oregon is a lot warmer than 55 degrees in California?!

13. It’s not a surprise when you see Mike Riley hanging out in downtown Corvallis.

14. “Win or lose, we booze” is the most relevant saying on game days.

15. When the color Orange finally starts growing on you.

Okay, so maybe orange doesn’t really go well with very many things… but who cares! #GoBeavs

16. When you unintentionally know a lot of Presidents due to street names.

17. When you hear “one time Macklemore performed here, before he was Macklemore,” on the reg.

18. When a party is more than 8 blocks away, it is considered too far.

Not even worth it.

19. A 2 A.M. Qdoba stop is completely normal and often something to look forward to.

20. When you realize how lucky you are to be at a college with one of the most welcoming and friendly communities.

Above all of the inside jokes and unique qualities that Corvallis has to offer, the most important point is definitely that last one! We at Her Campus Oregon State are so proud to be part of this amazing college community with all of you. Think we missed something important? Let us know in the comments!

I am currently in my 3rd year at Oregon State and majoring in merchandising management. I am an intern for Beaver Athletics, a part-time student archive worker at the library. I am involved in many organizations including HerCampus, DAMchic magazine, Chi Theta Phi, and Relay for Life. 
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