10 Best Uses For Yumm Sauce



If you haven’t heard of Cafe Yumm’s Yumm sauce, do yourself a favor and go buy some immediately. This stuff will change your food game. Treat yo’ self and get the big bottle. We promise it won’t disappoint.


1. Eggs


I promise this will take your breakfast to a whole new level!


2. Pizza

I mean, literally anything tastes good on pizza.


3. Chicken and Waffles

Normal waffle, spicy chicken, yumm sauce...trust me on this one. 


4. BLT Sandwiches

Your BLTs will never be the same. 


5. Pasta

Fettuccine alfredo is a thing of the past.


6. Salads

I mean, you’re being healthy eating a salad so go ahead add that sauce!


7. Fries

The new "special sauce".


8. Mac and Cheese

I don’t really know if this would work but I love both, so why not!


9. Tater Tots

When I dip, you dip, we dip.


10. Avocado Toast

It's a new level of basic. 


Let us know what your favorite Yumm Sauce pairing is!