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Young voters account for half of the voting population, making us a powerful force. We are the second biggest generation to be voting in 2018, behind the Baby Boomers.

An article by Dan Balz from the Huff Post says that women and young adults will define the politics of the year and possibly 2020. We are a large segment of the voting aged population to be taking to the polls this year. The current political climate surrounding our country’s commander-in-chief has sparked a fire among women and millennials. This will cause more voters to turn out to the polls to make changes and have their voices heard.

Voting helps you stay engaged with politicians and political events. Be an informed voter. It’s as simple as Googling the candidates name and reading what they support and what their plans are when they take office.

I asked a student of SUNY Oneonta and a friend who is politically active, his thoughts on college students not voting;

“I find it important to vote because like anything if you don’t use it, you lose it. I think that there is still so much good to achieve in this country and in many cases that can only be achieved by voting people into office who will see it through. When it comes to being politically literate and active it must have been around 2015/16 when it was obvious certain ideologies were taking hold that threaten everything America stands for. So, when I started to recognize those, I really started paying attention and becoming more active in our political processes.”

“If I could stand on a soap box with a megaphone, I would tell kids our age to stop being lazy. It might not be interesting, the candidate might not be your favorite, but men and women have died fighting for and protecting our right to vote and to be citizens of a free and fair democracy. We are lucky enough to be part of the privileged few, we should appreciate it by participating in our democracy.”

Every vote counts. You could be the deciding factor between a race.

You may not care now, but in four years you might



(Special Thanks to Luke Sheridan for his participation)



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