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Yoga Pants Aren’t just for Yoga Anymore!

Yoga pants, which once were, well go figure, for yoga! Are now becoming the most popular and comfortable choice over the traditional baggy sweatpants. Yoga pants are comfortable, warm, and figure fitting that looks more flattering than the loose and baggy sweatpant look for those days you just don’t feel like wearing jeans! They come in a variety of colors, but go with the ‘safe’ looks of grey or black!
LOVE them!

Tiina is a hard working care-free girl who likes to work, travel, and spend time with friends in her spare time. Most people call her a 'work-aholic' since she is always busy with school, an internship, and job, but when not busy with those activities, Tiina is always living life to the fullest with her friends. Being a 'chill' and laid back person, Tiina enjoys being fully active when it comes to playing and watching sports, but also enjoys just staying home and watching movies with friends. Tiina is a Communication Studies major with two minors in Advertising, which she hopes to follow in the future, and Apparel & Textiles at SUNY Oneonta.
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